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We are delighted you chose to learn more about our FindIt Professional accounts which were designed to increase your LinkedIn® exposure by 30% or more and insure that you get the maximum benefits to your professional career from your LinkedIn® membership.

Our goal is to enhance your LinkedIn® exposure -- not to replace your LinkedIn® membership -- and for a “charter price” of $9.95 annually (not monthly, annually). As long as you renew your account subscription each year and remain alive, you are “grandfathered” at the $9.95 price and will not be subject to future price increases.

Here is how our FindIt Professional account works, and how it can benefit you:

First, use the CHECK YOUR NAME bar below to see if your name is available in the form you want it to appear.

  • If your name is “John Doe” and it is still available, your personal URL will read: FindIt.Com/JohnDoe.
  • If another “John Doe” has already taken that name, you can check for any variations you would like, such as “John B. Doe” or “J. Doe”. In these examples, the URLs would read: FindIt.Com/JohnBDoe, or FindIt.Com/JDoe.
  • You can also check for prefixes (Dr.; Professor; Colonel; Judge, etc.); or suffixes (Sr., Jr., III; M.D., etc.). There are no restrictions on the number of FindIt Professional accounts you may have, and the charter price for each account is currently $9.95 annually.
  • Once you have determined the name you want is available, you should act immediately and click CLAIM IT NOW to join. Note that if you want to use multiple names, you can add the additional names to your “shopping cart” before “check out”
  • You will be required to create and register a User Name and Personal Password needed to access and manage your FindIt Professional account. The process is streamlined, and you can pay with any major credit or debit card.
  • Once your enrollment is confirmed, you will receive a Welcome Letter providing details on how to access and manage your FindIt Professional account, including tips and suggestions to maximize your visibility on the Internet
  • Managing your account is very “user friendly” and a “live” FindIt Professional team member is available to assist by calling (866) 500-4576.

Check Your Name

See if your Name is Still Available for FindIt Professional. Claim it before another LinkedIn Member Does.

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