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If your house does not have ductwork ("i.e. is ductless") you might think that you cannot have central air conditioning installed. That was a correct assumption not too long ago when there weren't effective systems that could be installed in houses with forced hot water heating or electric heat. In that case, most people had to use bulky, drafty, energy inefficient air conditioners that had to be put in and taken out of windows seasonally. And you often had to put one in each and every room you wanted to cool.

Recently, however, a new system called the ductless mini-split has been brought to the market. Now you can have central air no matter how your home is currently heated, and you don't have to change or tear down your current system. Ductless mini split systems are as quiet as a breeze, and use less energy than other systems. They can cover your whole house, and even have multiple thermostats so you can control the temperature in different parts of your house.

The mini- split system is practically invisible. In fact, the small (one to three inch) holes can be located high on your walls, low to the ground, or anywhere in between. Your installer may be able to give you advice about where to put them to ensure maximum system efficiency. The rest of the system can be installed partially in a crawl space or basement, and partially outside. There are no visible features inside the house except the small holes.

Ductless Los Angeles Home Ductwork systems are growing in popularity, and therefore there are more qualified installers. It is still important to be sure that your installer has experience in this area, and particularly with homes similar to yours. It is also important that you get several estimates, as the installation of mini-split systems can greatly range in price. This is one type of housework where calling references, especially people who have had ductless mini-split systems installed, is also important.

Ductless Los Angeles AC Repairs increase the resale value of your home; in fact, in some areas older homes do not sell because of the prohibitive cost of installing central AC. Some people have even installed ductless mini-split systems in houses with existing central air in order to save money. This is particularly likely in homes where the air travels through long, uninsulated ducts before it reaches the vents, or where the vents are large and unsightly.

The next time you are carrying that bulky window air conditioning unit up a flight of stairs to install it in a window, or going into a room where the air conditioner can't reach, think of installing a ductless mini-split system.

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