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Right Now

My dog Boomer was viciously attacked by a human being, living within my neighborhood. Boomer got away from the house and was not found until about 10 hours later. When he came back home, he was severely injured.

Boomer was immediately rushed to the Emergency Room! The Doctor told me it looked like someone purposely threw poisonous chemicals on him. He said that Boomers was in such bad condition, that 50% of his skin was detaching from his body and falling off of him. 

He said the surgery and recovery will cost ALOT Money and time. He said it would be worth it because Boomer is so young (3yrs old) and it is curable. 

He informed me that after all the doctors visits, medication, and emergency room visit I will be spending roughly $10,000-15,000.

Gratefully Boomer already pulled through his hardest part, which was his surgery. 

Now here is my hardest part...

Boomer is required to visit the doctors weekly, until he is healed (which will take a couple months). Each visit is going to cost roughly $500. Paying a weekly vet bill is going to be almost impossible for me, when including my living expenses. 

PLEASE , if you could help me and Boomer out in any way, we would be more than grateful!!



Nia Stevenson

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