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Chill N Out Cryotherapy Inc. Completes Name Change in State of Delaware to ClassWorx (R), Inc. Will Apply to FINRA Next

Released On: 05/03/2021
Views: 4

Classworx Announces Upcoming Events Featuring Dr. Mary Clifton On Delta 8 Thc And Paul Tracey On Cardio Blast

Released On: 04/03/2021
Views: 31

Learn About Delta 8 THC This Saturday March 6, 2021 with Dr. Mary Clifton A Leader in the CBD and Medical Marijuana Industry

Join Dr. Mary and Leaders in the CBD Industry for the Delta 8 THC Discussion Panel Hosted on ClassWorx
Released On: 03/03/2021
Views: 47

ClassWorx Invites You To Our Kick Off Event with Chef Paul Gerard Tonight at 6PM EST

Released On: 01/03/2021
Views: 47

ClassWorx Announces Upcoming Class From Chef Paul Gerard On March 1, 2021 at 6PM EST

Please Join Chef Paul Gerard To Cook Along and Support a Chef
Released On: 22/02/2021
Views: 91

Chill N Out Cryotherapy Inc. Files Year End Financials for 2018 2019 and 2020 to Bring Company Current on OTC Markets

Released On: 10/02/2021
Views: 155

ClassWorx is Proud to Feature New York Chef Paul Gerard is focusing on being the leading virtual online directory. Today we are highlighting Chef Paul Gerard of New York
Released On: 09/02/2021
Views: 131

ClassWorx Invites Life Coaches and Motivational Speakers To Host Their Events Live For Attendees Globally is the leading virtual instructor directory for Life Coaches and Motivational Speakers to offer their classes, lessons, workshops and advice to students virtually
Released On: 20/01/2021
Views: 203

Classworx Welcomes Vocal Instructors and Voice Coaches To Offer Voice Lessons to Attendees Virtually

Released On: 15/01/2021
Views: 173

Classworx Welcomes Music Teachers And Instrument Instructors To The Classworx Platform That Want To Offer Virtual Lessons To Students is the leading virtual instructor directory for Music instructors for all types of instruments to offer their lessons virtually to students
Released On: 13/01/2021
Views: 199

Classworx Invites Musicians and Performers to Host Shows and Concerts on Classworx for Fans is the leading virtual directory for Performers for all types of shows to perform virtually for attendees.
Released On: 12/01/2021
Views: 195

Classworx Invites Dancing Professionals, Ballet Teachers, and Choreographers to Classworx To Connect with Students and Pupils Worldwide

Released On: 10/01/2021
Views: 259

Classworx Welcomes HIIT Trainers To Coach Fitness Enthusiasts, Athletes, and Individuals Around The Globe

Released On: 09/01/2021
Views: 247

Classworx Invites Yoga Instructors To Teach Classes Virtually to Students and Attendees Worldwide is the leading virtual instructor directory for Yoga Instructors and Teachers of all types to offer their classes virtually to students
Released On: 08/01/2021
Views: 223

Classworx is Open to Chefs and Cooks to Teach their Cooking Skills During These Tough Times is a site for Instructors of all types to teach online from Chefs and Fitness Instructors, to Yoga Teachers, Professionals and More
Released On: 05/01/2021
Views: 199 to Offer Online Virtual Classes from Instructors Around the World

Released On: 15/12/2020
Views: 270

Connect With Students Virtually With Classworx Teacher Directory To Expand Your Course Offering Online

Released On: 20/10/2020
Views: 522

Sign Up For The Pre Invite On ClassWorx The Leading Virtual Instructor Directory Connecting Teachers to Students

Released On: 14/10/2020
Views: 516


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