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Own Your Own Findit Keyword URL Domain Name For 12 Months With One Payment Of $99

Findit Keyword URL's allow you to own your own domain name within Findit for just $99. Owning Your Own Findit Keyword URL’s help you target the search terms ...

Great Marketing Ideas for Car Dealerships. Take advantage of our Vanity URLs on Findit. Right now you can lock in amazing addresses on Findit. This
morning I was thinking of all the car dealerships in the United States alone, theirs a lot. Each one could grab up the models of the cars they
sell and where they are located. Example or for under $10.00 now for each
vanity url every car dealer can lock on the model of each car and location and post content about each model. Pictures, video and link it
to the inventory on their website for that model. 

This is an amazing solution to reach new customers by highlighting your car dealership and the models of the vehicles you sell.

We did a press release on real estate listings this past week. Once they start grabbing the vanity URLs their listings will get more indexing in
Google and in Findit and people can share the posts to all of the social networking sites they are on.

Click on the link below and to get your vanity URLs.

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