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Anjella Watkin 6/11/2021 6:36:16 PM

How to see your likes on Instagram?

The posts that we like on Instagram can be seen by all our subscribers. This confuses many users, especially those who regularly view the infamoussocially disapproved content, as well as those who are constantly monitored. For example, students whose interests are monitored by their parents. Moreover, with the current algorithms of Instagram, trying to show each user the content “of interest”, the feeds are filled with posts corresponding to the topics of the posts that we like. Therefore, if you all the time like photos of nude models, you will suddenly be surprised to find that the search page on Instagram is filled with the same photos. That is, Instagram thought that such a topic is interesting to you and offers similar content. Therefore, today it is very important to keep track of what we like. In this post I will answer the question - “ how to see your likes on Instagram and how to check like history on instagram? ”.


In fact, the problem is not only in our interests. Instagram users promoting their accounts often resort to methods such as mass following. An account on Instagram, through an automated service, puts likes to all publications that meet any criterion. For example, he likes all geotagged posts in the city of Moscow. Obviously, the account owner is not involved in the process, and the program cannot accurately predict the content of such posts. So, later you can find out that the bot has made a bunch of likes to any immorality through your account. All this, of course, will be noticed by attentive subscribers. Therefore, it is worth regularly reviewing the list of what the bot likes.

Previously, you could see the posts that you liked using the Websta service. But it stopped working after Instagram changed its rules for the Instagram API. But, a little later, the ability to view your likes appeared in the Instagram application itself.


Watching your likes on Instagram

To see your likes, go to your account settings section. In the settings section, there should be an item "Publications you like". By going to it, you will see a feed from the publications that you liked.

How to increase views of your Instagram Stories?

In fact, there is no technique that will 100% make your Instagram Stories feed popular. The visibility of stories depends a lot on the audience and the interaction that you build with it, on how interesting that interaction is. It can be compared to the TV series "Game of Thrones". The first season was just amazing, so the second season got more coverage and viewers. In Stories, everything works the same way. So, first of all, you need to think about your subscribers, about how to create content that will be relevant, interesting and useful for them.

Add hashtag and geolocation in stories

It is worth indicating only relevant, that is, related to your stories, hashtags and geotags. Then your stories will be seen by interested Instagram users, and you can receive not only more views, but also new subscribers.

Play Story Games

Story games encourage more activity in the story feed. Some games motivate you to flip through the feed of stories back and forth, others, to interact with stories through stickers, and still others, to bring the story to new audiences through reposts. And high activity in the stories feed gives you more chances to display your stories in search by hashtag and geolocation.

Add captions to videos in Stories

As you know, by default, for most Instagram users, the video is initially played without sound. If you record video stories where you tell something, then keep in mind that some subscribers may not be able to turn on the sound. By adding credits or short annotations of what you are talking about, you can help them understand the essence of your story, and they will be just as interested in continuing to watch your feed. Otherwise, such users are “overboard”.

Grab attention with the first stories

If your first stories are not interesting enough, then many users, having viewed the first, second, third stories, will think that your entire feed is crammed with such boring content, and will move on to viewing the stories of the next user. After all, for this they just need to swipe to the right.

When the feed begins with interesting stories, subscribers have an emotional trace, and your next stories will not seem so dull to them, even if they are.

Use music in your stories

You can create stories with pieces of music or add music to your video. In any case, it will add variety to the feed of your stories, create an emotional background and additional activity from those who want to discuss your musical preferences with you. According to Facebook, stories with music or songs are scrolled 80% less than without them.

Don't make long chains of stories of the same format

I'm talking about not writing 10-15 stories where you sit in a chair in the kitchen and tell something in a monotonous voice. It's boring! Try to diversify the tape, change body position, camera angle, alternate videos, photos, gifs, texts, collages, boomerangs, polls, and other formats. Monotony is tiresome and bores you very quickly. Especially an audience like Instagram users.

Add a call to action

A call to action always increases the reaction of readers or viewers, no matter how trite it may seem. So if you want your followers to engage with your stories, which will undoubtedly increase their interest in your account, add a call to action to your stories. For example, when you create stories with interactive stickers.

Create communication

Treat your Instagram Stories feed like an opportunity to connect with your followers. Give them feedback. Show that you read their posts, comments, are interested in reactions. From time to time, create individual stories dedicated to one individual subscriber who either asked you something or reacted in some way to your stories in an interesting way. Encourage activity with attention or prizes. Then there will always be a lot of traffic in your story feed!

Be creative!

Remember the competition. Each of your subscribers views many stories of a wide variety of users. He can get tired of watching, seeing monotonous stories. If he watches your tape after several others, and sees in your stories almost the same as in the previous ones, then most likely he will just get tired of watching. Try to stand out from the crowd and get creative with your stories. Come up with new ideas, record and shoot in different formats, create new experiences. Then your stories will definitely not bore anyone.

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