Tricks of slot machines As long as slot

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Tricks of slot machines

As long as slot machines exist, people will wonder how to beat them. Each player comes up with different manipulations, strategies, tactics in the hope of proving that he is smarter than the machine.

Some believe they have found a great way to make big profits. How explained many players can boast of their winning achievements. But what are the tricks and tricks of slot machines to get higher profits? General recommendations Of course, slot machines have different game mechanics, but they all have some patterns. Based on this, we can formulate some general recommendations that can work on many slots.

  • Play slots with high returns.

    This is one of the important factors in choosing a game. The payback percentage can vary greatly between slots and therefore affects the productivity and duration of the game. Typically, the recoil of the machine is from 93% to 98%. It is recommended to choose slot machines with a return rate of at least 96%.

  • Choose low-linear machines.

    Everyone who is just starting to get acquainted with the world of gambling should first try out slot machines with a small number of lines - 3, 5, 9, 10. Although the winnings here will not be super profitable, you will get the necessary experience, sufficient to switch to innovative slots. Another little tip - activate all the lines.

  • Use the Hold button

    Of course, not all slot machines are equipped with this option, but it's worth looking for such. Its peculiarity is that it allows you to stop the reels of machines at any time. Thus, the player can control the gameplay itself. Crazy Monkey tricks machineSlot Machine Monkeys give good prizes to all players. Especially in the bonus game. And in order to be guaranteed to pass it and get to the second stage, you can use the following trick. When the ropes fall out, choose them in the following sequence: 3-1-2-5-4. Then the monkey will have access to the super bonus game. Tricks of the machine Strawberry

    Players have come up with many tricks for this machine. For example, to get into the bonus game, they first activate all 9 lines. If there is a series of losses, they increase the rates and decrease the number of active lines. With consecutive wins, the level of the bet is raised and after 10-12 spins the bonus game appears.

    In conclusion. It doesn't matter what strategy or trick you use. It is important that you enjoy the game first.

5 scariest gambling legends

Lovers of gambling are often guided by legends and superstitions. They are believed to help in the game, bring good luck. Many legends are absurd, others are creepy, and still others are funny. We offer a list of gambling legends in which gamblers believed and believe, and some even observe them in order to become luckier.

Play at the place of execution

It turns out that you don't need to play slot machines in a cozy house. It is best to come to the place of execution of the criminal. This is where, according to many players, you can really catch your luck.

Doves of happiness

Even before starting to play, some players are trying to understand whether they will be lucky today. Many years ago, the gambler Blanchard walked to the gambling house, but on the threshold of the casino a flying pigeon ruined his suit. That evening, a gambling man won big money. Blanchard decided that it was the pigeon that influenced his luck. Therefore, the man began to wait for the bird to arrive again. And then at one point, the pigeon again stained his clothes. Once again, Blanchard won. Now gamblers believe that if a pigeon "dirty" a person, then he will be lucky and he will win a lot of money.

Carelessness and money

It is believed that luck will come to those players who have a carefree attitude towards money. That is, without thinking hard about money, leaving a certain amount in the game in order to “lose”, a person will earn much more. And many players do just that.

Suicide stranglehold

A creepy and incomprehensible gaming legend. It is believed that such a stranglehold will bring a lot of luck in the game. Therefore, back in the 19th century, suicides were ready to pay fabulous sums for a piece of rope. After all, then you can win a lot.

Lucky shirt

This gaming legend is still used today. It is believed that you need to wear a shirt for the game of the player who was able to win a large amount of money. Then you can make the game lucky and get a high win.

Believe these legends or not, everyone's business. But we can say with confidence that each person himself is able to lure good luck, simply tune in to the fact that right now, fortune will be on his side.

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