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Digital Marketing - Why It Is The Biggest Trend

Digitalacademy 4/27/2022 8:26:56 AM

Digital Marketing - Why It Is The Biggest Trend Today

Digital marketing courses are the most sought-after courses nowadays because of simple

economical reasons of “Demand and Supply”. The number of people who are required in the industry to full fill the position of digital marketers outstrips the supply of what educational institutes can provide today, hence the number of job openings and remuneration provided for digital marketers are very high, which eventually creates a demand of attraction for people seeking to study digital marketing courses in Chennai.

Here are seven compelling reasons why the digital marketing course is the most sought-after course nowadays:

1. Huge Market Size

The global market for Digital Advertising and Marketing is estimated at US$350 Billion in 2020. Also, it is projected to reach a revised size of US$786.2 Billion by the end of 2026. The digital advertising industry had a market size of ₹199 billion across India in 2020. Whereas earlier it was just ₹47 Billion in the financial year of 2015. This figure is projected to go up to ₹539 Billion by 2024, and we will most likely see a big growth in this segment.

2. Number of Job Openings

It's one of the top ten in-demand jobs worldwide. As per an internal report published by LinkedIn, there was a reported demand of 891,000 jobs in digital marketing alone, in which A total of 341,000 marketing jobs were posted to LinkedIn in the last year. Data was collected from March 30, 2020, to September 29, 2020, and compared against data collected from September 30, 2020, to March 30, 2021. A LinkedIn report from early this year lists digital marketing as the 6th most in-demand job in 2021.

3. High Average Remuneration

As per PayScale With an average worldwide base salary of $3000 and an average yearly salary of $63,000 it's one of the top-paying jobs and most promising Jobs in the Gig economy. Completing  digital marketing courses in Chennai can also help.

4. Everything is E-commerce

Those were the days of selling things in mom and dad pop stores, it’s all about e-commerce now from a safety pin to a Yacht are sold online and consumers read news online instead of reading newspapers, they watch movies online instead of watching TV and people spend most of the time on social platforms like Facebook and Instagram rather than socializing outside, so it’s all digital now and companies have realized and recognized they need to change their approach to reaching customers, and they’re seeking the assistance of marketing professionals in advertising and selling their product and services online.

To conclude, the above compelling factors make digital marketing the most sought-after course. If you're up for the challenge, a career in digital marketing can be very rewarding. 

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