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Social Media Marketing Platforms in 2022 Ina

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Social Media Marketing Platforms in 2022 

In 2022 most businesses need social media marketing to build their brands when they enter social media marketing they get the best opportunity to gain new customers. In 2022, we should mainly target the audience where they spend more time on social media to build our brand. Digital marketing courses in Kerala are contributing to the growing popularity of Social Media platforms

According to the research in 2022 the best social media platforms are: 


Instagram marketing is simply another strategy to publish our brand. In 2022 more people spending their time at least once a day on Instagram. When it comes to building a brand is creating an Instagram business account because it’s a visual platform the place we can market our product by posting the photos, videos using the right hashtags and running the ads on 

Instagram It grabs the attention of the customer and the next thing is we should re-search the right person to partner with our brand to market our product. 

Use free Instagram marketing tools through insights, you can view statistics like impressions, engagement, data, and more we can even get the demographics of your followers including information and their age, gender, location, and most active hours. you can get specific insights on Posts for the week that show how many impressions you earned for that period using the free tools can understand exactly how users are interacting with content the more that you know about how users are interacting with your posts, the better you can adjust your content. 


On Facebook, the first thing we should set up a Facebook page for your business next you have to create content share your contact information, link to your website, build a product catalog, and communicate with your customers. Next is paid marketing strategies like Facebook ads and sponsored posts. You can learn more about Facebook marketing by doing a digital marketing course in Kerala.

Types of Facebook posts : 

Facebook text post - we are just talking words here. No photos. No videos. No links. They are direct and to the point, but if your goal is to drive traffic to your website or directly to your website or directly convert leads to a sale, text posts aren’t a great option. 

Facebook photo posts - compared to text posts photo posts are higher in engagement. An eye-catching photo is a great way to catch the attention of customers scrolling through their news feed. 

Facebook video post- video posts are even much better than photo posts. Whether it’s for a short and sweet video announcement or a longer, short video with a narrative these types of videos are great to build our brand. 

Facebook live video post - live video is a great and the most authentic way to connect with your followers. 

Facebook stories - just like Instagram stories, Facebook stories are photos or short video posts. Best Facebook marketing strategies - define your audience, set goals, plan good content, and make good use of your page. 


When it comes to building our brand this is the best best place to market our product. According to a survey In India, 81% of youth spend time on youtube this is the best place to grab the attention of the customers.

Youtube is also the world’s second-largest search engine, right after Google, which makes it free organic marketing. The platform isn’t just a famous entertaining channel but a powerful tool. 

How to build a brand on Youtube: 

Create a channel - Create a channel on your brand name and post the right and attention-grabbing videos and the channel must be very active. Next, we should research and target the audience like what type of content they like most according to their age, location based on that make good content videos uploading regularly and create videos based on youtube algorithm youtube as its algorithm. If you want to rank high, you should create an attractive thumbnail that should grab your attention optimize your titles and descriptions, and use the right keywords will help you to rank your video. Make sure to fill in all the details in the description, upload your logo, create a trailer for your company and educate viewers. 

Communicate your brand videos and explain to users why they should subscribe. And next, promote your brand with famous YouTubers and with good followers as brand partners or influencers approach them through the mail and next create a video campaign run ads on youtube related to your brands. Reach people searching for your brand or business and make a good strategy and research. Following these, steps are the best way to market our product. Last but not least, joining a digital marketing training institute in Kerala can help you achieve your goals faster.

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