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The 5 Best SEO Strategies to Watch Out for in

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The 5 Best SEO Strategies to Watch Out for in 2022


 Major SEO Techniques in 2022

  • Accessibility

  • Multiple Long-tail keyword phrases.

  • Featured snippet

  • EAT Principle

  • Your website's core essentials


Today, In the digital world every business or brand is trying to rank on the Google first page which always reminds us of the statement “What Sells is Sold”. And we know that SEO plays a vital role on Google for websites to rank, So we should look for these major approaches for SEO techniques used in 2022 and also beyond in the future. Learn the best SEO strategies at the best digital marketing training institute in Bangalore.


Accessibility: Ask yourself the question “Does your website mobile friendly?”. If not, it is very important to know that almost 73% of users are expected to browse using mobile devices by 2025. So, make your website mobile-friendly so that vast traffic can easily come to your site which is closely related to voice search optimization.


Multiple Long-Tail keyword phrases: On each successive day technology is improving and the innovations are voice search assistance like Siri in Apple and Alexa in Amazon. Mainly the household owing a smart speaker by 2022 is estimated to be 55% which is enhancing the user experience. Multiple Long-Tail keyword phrases or specific keywords of three or more words will help your domain on top results.


Featured Snippet: As the voice search will increase the longer words in a search query will increase which is the higher chance that it will return a featured snippet. Let us understand the percentage of return featured snippets.


 There are four types of featured snippets formats which are paragraphs, list, table, and video. Keep this in mind while working on featured snippets. These approaches are also an On-page SEO techniques. Complete a digital marketing course in Bangalore to become an SEO expert.


EAT Principle: EAT is short for expertise, authority, and trustworthiness. Google ranks in SERP more established, brand authentic, and trustworthy domain authority sites higher than those unknown. It is vital essentially for the measurement of your brand’s reputation on the web. 


There are some steps that you can take to establish your brand’s authority, trustworthiness, and reputation. 


Ask your customers to give good reviews on reputable sites like Yelp, the BBB, Amazon, or Google. 


Become active and get mentions on public forums.

You can earn a high-quality rank from sites in your industry.

Illustrate EAT on your website through testimonials, case studies, reviews, and other forms of social proof.


Your Websites Core Essentials: A new algorithm is going to introduce by google in may. According to Google, these are a set of metrics that measure speed, responsiveness, and also visual stability. Google has updated many tools to include core web vitals measurement capabilities. The tools are Google Search Console, Page speed insights, Lighthouse and Web Vital Extension, etc.


SEO trends 2022 has come up with new challenges as users' search query techniques or practices are going to change and also Google is coming up with new algorithms with different measurements. Therefore, making High-Quality content will always be the primary priority that answers and informs your persona which is the only best foundation of any SEO Strategy. A Digital marketing course in Bangalore is the only way to get a complete understanding of SEO

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