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Anders Helmerson "Quantum House Project"

New Album: Anders Helmerson "Quantum House Project" releases on 3rd November 2018
Released On: 25/11/2018
Views: 1435

INVISIBLE FORCES By The Whispering Tree Tops The Charts As The #1 Album On Folk Radio For September

Released On: 22/11/2018
Views: 941

Triple Addiction Gaining Momentum Without New Music

Released On: 21/11/2018
Views: 903

The International Radio Festival Announce Final Line Up Of Radio Stations

Broadcasting from Piazza D'Armi in Valletta, Malta
Released On: 16/11/2018
Views: 939

Amsterdam Dance Event Rounds Up Record Breaking 23rd Edition

For the first time ADE welcomed over 400,000 visitors
Released On: 14/11/2018
Views: 1365

Tony Carlucci and Dynamic Destony Releases New LP "A New Day"

Dynamic Destony has just released their hard hitting, exciting and energetic LP called "A New Day"
Released On: 09/11/2018
Views: 986

Deadline Looms - The 15th Annual Acoustic Music Awards

Released On: 08/11/2018
Views: 905

Killer Tracks Delivers The Music For A NASA Moon Video

Released On: 11/10/2018
Views: 1279

John Keenan Taking It To The Next Level

Released On: 28/09/2018
Views: 949

Royale - Playground (Single)

Released On: 20/09/2018
Views: 1926

Listen: Darquise Explores The Art Of The Beak Up In His Debut Single "I Say One"

Released On: 06/09/2018
Views: 1310

Make A Wish With Catherine Duc's 'Stargazing' Remix Of Ben Hobbs' 'Blind To You'

Released On: 06/09/2018
Views: 1644

Asian Pop Queen Celest Releases Debut English Single/Video "I Got Him"

First taste for North American & European pop music fans of "Most Captivating Voice in Singapore"
Released On: 01/09/2018
Views: 1055

Cinq Music Partners With Janet Jackson For First Independent Release On Her Rhythm Nation Records

Released On: 22/08/2018
Views: 1148

Rick Vines Debut Release "So Happy!"

A much anticipated Hey Man! Records release from Rick Vines All-Stars
Released On: 19/08/2018
Views: 1122

IES 18 Explodes With WARPED Kevin Lyman’s 1st Appearance After 24 Year Run

Induction of Michael Jackson-AC/DC-Megadeth-LedZeppelin+25 Stellar Panels with Who's Who of Industry's Cutting Edge Leaders!
Released On: 18/08/2018
Views: 978

indieOn Connects Music To The Blockchain And Creates Better Experiences For Artists And Music Fans

indieOn is confident of creating a "music miner" who listens more and grow their Token value
Released On: 15/08/2018
Views: 1413

Melvin Riley Of Ready For The World Celebrates 35 Years In The Music Business And The Re-launch Of His Solo Career And New Billing Title

Sold out show in Detroit kicked launch the "Oh Sheila Love Me Down Tour"
Released On: 08/08/2018
Views: 1740

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