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How to Obtain Visible Results after SEO Audit?

It is impossible to maintain your rankings and visibility in the digital landscape without turning your attention towards industry trends. Google releases search engine algorithm updates all the time and when this happens search engines change the way they rank websites. How can you make sure these changes do not have a negative impact on your SEO results? How can you stay on top of your digital marketing campaign and generate visible results? These changes are most of the times not visible and this is why you need a professional SEO audit that will help you have an accurate idea of the current condition of your website.

Why You Need Professional SEO Audit?

Websites are impacted all the time by Google’s algorithm updates and this is why it is imperative to stay updated and to create content that caters to the needs of your users. Should you succeed to do that you will generate organic traffic and at the same time you will attract new clients, people that are actually interested in what you have to offer. There are various digital marketing strategies that can be used to generate traffic such as search engine optimization and blogging. Search rankings will always fluctuate there is nothing wrong with that but you need to make sure that you follow effective SEO trends that drive traffic to your website. A professional SEO audit will help you have a clear idea as to where you stand as far as your website is concerned.

A technical audit of your website is a necessity and as Elena Terenteva of  SEMrush  mentioned, “There are no perfect websites without any room for improvement,”.... “Hundreds and even thousands of issues might appear on your website.” Therefore, if you think that your website is perfect you should consider having it audited by specialists in this field. They know how to identify broken links, duplicate content and so on. A professional SEO audit is the smartest way to ensure that you rank better and that Google’s updates will not impact your website in a negative manner. This audit will show you what you need to improve to obtain SEO results.

How to Obtain SEO Results?

When it comes to professional search engine optimization, most people are in the dark and they have no idea what to do to obtain visible, measurable  SEO results . If you would like to sustain your rankings you should pay attention to current optimization trends and do your best to keep up. It is common knowledge that there is an increased focus on search user experience and the way people consume information has changed. It is clear that you should turn your attention towards mobile devices.

As Neil Patel has mentioned in one of his articles, optimizing keywords and building links is no longer enough to obtain visible SEO results. What matters is that you focus on creating a website that meets the needs of its users, a website that addresses their pain points, that provides relevant information, that is reliable and informative. If you do not want to fall behind your competitors you have to publish new, engaging content constantly, to build relevant links, to have great meta descriptions and to focus on the journey of the users of your website.

This will get you the results you want. Another essential aspect in search engine optimization is to keep up with the changes and to adapt. If optimizing keywords is no longer enough to get a favorable ranking, see what needs to be done to make this happen. Google pays attention to what people want from search engines and it rewards websites that offer users what they need. It is as simple as that. Unfortunately, there are many digital marketers out there that come up with all sorts of strategies to promote their website and the sad reality is that they have never taken the time to reach out to their customers and see what they want. How do you expect your strategy to work and to deliver results when you do not know your target audience, how it thinks, how it searches for things and so on?

What to Do to Sustain SEO Results in the Long Run?

If your search engine optimization campaign has delivered results, this is great. This means that you know what needs to be done to drive organic traffic and that you should focus on the following:
• Build brand visibility- you should make it your priority to promote your brand in the digital landscape and you can do that by having an active presence on social media networks. Make sure your website is mentioned on various places for brand visibility will get you better traffic. Numerous companies with a powerful social media presence are among Google’s top ten choices and this is because they are visible and known on social media networks. 
• Create a content experience for your customers- customers that have an enjoyable experience on your website are more likely to buy from you
• Focus on social signals for they will impact your ranking and generate results. Social signals increase domain authority, they help you gain links and they will deliver SEO results. Although the results will not be immediate, they will be seen in the long run. Having a social presence is a must so that customers can know you. 
• Increase the value of your links- this can be done by providing great content
• Optimize search across all platforms, devices and channels- your website should be optimized from the very start for PC, tablets, smart phones and phone watches. Google cares about satisfying its users and not the devices they use to perform a search; this means they should be able to access pages from various devices.

In fewer words, there are various things that you can do to maintain great optimization results in the long run and having a strong social media presence is one of them. The best SEO trends and strategies provide results as long as you focus on user experience.

What Should Your Audit Check for?

When it comes a professional SEO audit, the whole point of such an audit is to fix errors and to help you improve rankings. A technical audit should do the following:
• Identify crawl errors and provide a crawl report
• Check https status code
• Check XML sitemap status
• Check site load time
• Ensure your site is mobile-friendly
• Make sure your web pages do not compete with each other
• Check the robots.txt file of the site
• Perform a google site search
• Check for duplicate metadata
• Check for duplicate content
• Check for broken links

The fact of the matter is that a  SEO audit conducted by specialists in this field is a necessity for it will show you what is wrong with your website, what you need to improve so that you have better rankings. Content length, duplicate content, dull content that is stuffed with keywords will impact your ranking in a negative manner. This is why it is recommended to have your website audited once a year to see where you stand and what you need to deal with right away.

Most website owners invest in professional optimization services but they do not have a clear idea of their website’s clear condition. This means that they are not aware of technical related issues, of penalties the website has suffered and so on. How can you expect to improve your website when you do not have a starting point? It is quite clear that you need a SEO audit that will provide a detailed report on what needs to be done to improve your website.

It is entirely to you to decide how much you can afford to invest in fixing your website but at least after an audit you will not why your website does not rank the way you imagined it would.

Too many website owners focus on optimizing their websites for search engines and they forget about their users. Why have you created a website after all? You have created it for your target audience, to let people know who you are as a business, what you have to offer, what makes you different from your competitors and so on. This is the whole point of having a website and should you fail to cater to the needs of your users your ranking will suffer.

Keep in mind that your users are more important than your rankings and in the long run they are the ones that will recommend your website and impact your ranking, so focus on them instead of ignoring them. With the help of a reliable audit you will see what needs to be done, what improvements you should make to obtain SEO results and so on. It is entirely up to you to decide to do something for your website, for your users and for your business in the digital landscape. 

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