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What Services Should Your SEO Packages Include?

Search ranking is responsible for your success in the online environment and whether we like it or not ranking matters. Individuals worldwide search online for what they need and the top results receive most of the clicks. The reality is that most users focus on the results they find on the first page and if your website is not on the first page, it loses traffic and you lose money. SERPs have come a long way and it is a must to avail SEO services to remain competitive online. You can choose from various SEO packages but what matters is that you hire a reliable optimization agency.

Why Your SEO Packages Should Include Link Building?

Mastering the latest SEO techniques, staying on top of the latest SEO trends, keeping up with Google’s algorithm updates are things that need to be done to be successful in the online world. Nonetheless, doing that and so much more is quite overwhelming and it makes sense to invest in professional  SEO packages  that include the most effective services. Although there are various ranking factors that will affect your website some are more important than others and these are links and content.

Regardless of the SEO packages you opt for, you should make sure they include link building for this is one of the most important ranking factors. Provided it is done right link building will ensure you a top-ranking position and it will impact your organic visibility in a positive manner. Link building is not easy and not everyone can do it. As it is mentioned in an useful article published on  Semrush , “Link building is a key part of any successful SEO strategy that involves getting other websites to link to yours — a simple hyperlink from one site to another. It is also agreed by many that it is one of the hardest parts of ranking a website, whilst one of the most rewarding when you get it right”.

Links matter for they represent votes of confidence and the more high-quality links you have to your website the better your ranking on Google will be. There are different types of links and some of them can even hurt your website and impact its visibility in a negative manner. Building high-quality links requires effort, skills and time and you should make it your priority to invest in SEO services that include link-building.

Why SEO Services that Offer Link Building Are More Valuable?

When you pay for professional SEO services, you should make sure that they focus on building links. Links are at the core of a successful optimization campaign and as far as search engine optimization is concerned, they will help you accomplish the following:
• Improve your Google ranking
• Help Google find the new pages on your website faster
• Increase credibility and trustworthiness of your website
• Increase relevant traffic
• Recommend you as a source of authority in your niche

A well-implemented link building campaign will offer your website the competitive advantage it needs. The quality of links varies and you need quality links to benefit from a positive impact. Although there are various companies that provide SEO packages, very few of them master the art of building links and know how to do this so that you obtain the best possible results. Therefore, you need to choose your service provider carefully so that you can rely on him to implement a great link building strategy.

There are different types of links that can be built such as:
• Contextual links, which are placed in the content of the page and are essential for a successful link building strategy
• Followed links, which come from quality sources
• Editorially placed links, which are built when a third party adds a link from their website to yours
• Links that are relevant to your website’s topic

When it comes to paying for professional SEO services that include link building, you should make sure that the agency you hire will not violate Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. Unique content that is promoted across multiple channels will bring you the links you need to improve your visibility in the online environment.

What SEO Services Should You Focus on in 2020?

There are endless factors that are passed by Google when determining the ranking of a page. Some ranking factors are more important than others and if you are interested in SEO packages that will help you rank higher in search results you should consider the following:
• On-page search engine optimization- you have to address all the aspects related to speed, mobile-friendliness, code quality, security
• Content optimization- this is one of the most important  SEO services  and you need rich, credible content, content that contains images, sound and even video, content that attracts links
• Off page search engine optimization - this deals with inbound links and it will impact your E-A-T score; you need to focus on link authority, link relevancy, page relevancy and anchor text. 
• Social media- social media has been around for quite a while and sharing content on these platforms will get Google to notice you, especially when the content is promoted and appreciated. 
• Trust signals- these are reviews, positive comments made in forums and other forms of activity that users perform related to your brand, products or content

We are not wrong to say that all SEO packages should focus on technical optimization, content and backlinks. You need a high-quality infrastructure to deliver your content and this means that specialists should perform technical optimization that focuses on: crawlability, indexability, site architecture, schema markup, speed, mobile friendliness and user interface. Your website should allow Google to access your content easily and to crawl your pages. It is common knowledge that the pages on your website should load very fast and that it should have an appealing and easy to navigate interface.

Moving on to content optimization, there are various aspects you should consider here such as: mega titles and descriptions, heading, writing style, rich content, outbound links, authorship. Creating valuable content, content that attracts great links is more difficult than it sounds. The agency you hire to provide content SEO services has a very challenging task and that is to create content that addresses the pain points of your users, content that is valuable. Content can take different forms such as lists, how to guides, long form guides and tables. The content you display should be easy to understand so that Google has a clear idea of what you have to offer, it should be credible and it should provide a wonderful user experience.

Websites that succeed in providing a great user experience will be rewarded by Google. This should be your main goal when you start an optimization campaign. You need to improve user experience, to find ways to promote your website, to inform people about your business, to answer to their queries, to have an active presence on social media and so on. You should make it easy for your target audience to find your website and this can only be done with the help of specialists in this field.

Most website owners dream about being on the first page of search results but what do they do to make this happen? Dreaming is not enough, you have to take action, you have to find an agency that can help you accomplish this, even if this will take a couple of weeks or a couple of months. The good news is that SEO packages are reasonably priced and you can opt for a package that is within your price range and that will help you accomplish your optimization objective. Take things one step at a time and do not forget that all the little things that you do for your website matter and they will make a difference in the long run.

To summarize, when it comes to professional optimization patience is important. Do not expect results over night for this is not possible, do not be disappointed and be willing to wait. As long as you receive detailed reports from the agency you have hired, as long as you can see that they have started to optimize your website and they show you what they do you should not be discouraged.

There is not such a thing as magic in optimization; there is a lot of hard work, there is great knowledge and skills, there are useful tools and dedicated staff that will do their best to optimize your website so that it is no longer affected by Google’s updates and so that it sustains its ranking in the long run. This is possible provided you work with the right agency, an agency that uses only white hat techniques, an agency that lives and breathes search engine optimization. Such an agency can and will make a difference as far as the visibility and ranking of your website is concerned and you should definitely avail its services.

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