How do I prepare for Yoga teacher

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How do I prepare for Yoga teacher training?

Yoga is an art that can be mastered only with years of practice. But to achieve mastery, you will have to learn the basics, move to advanced levels, and finally learn how to teach yoga. Because only when you learn how to teach it, you can have a deeper insight into it. You will be able to fully grasp the goal of practicing yoga when you start teaching it. So, if you
want to start teaching yoga, you have to prepare yourself. In this article, we
will be discussing how to prepare for yoga teacher training.

Preparation for a 200hr yoga teacher training must be done at a physical
and mental level. You should have the right mindset as well as a good physical form to learn advanced techniques. You cannot become a teacher overnight. It requires hard work and perseverance. We shall now understand how you can prepare before joining a yoga teacher training.

Having the right mindset

Teaching is not a simple job. There are several factors to consider before sharing knowledge with other people. You cannot simply expect people to understand whatever you are sharing. So, if you don’t have previous experience with teaching, it is important to have the right mindset.

You should be able to handle students, tackle their queries, control a group of people, gain their attention, and explain the techniques in the most efficient manner. So, to perform all these multiple tasks you must have great focus and interest to do it.

Therefore, if you are going to join a teacher training, make sure that you make up your mind to become an instructor. This will help you to tackle any difficulties you face during the training as well as during the practice.

Being firm in basics

Since you will be learning advanced techniques in the teacher training courses, you should have a strong foundation in the basics. Whether it be asanas, breathing, postures, etc. you should have thorough knowledge and practice with whatever level you have learned. This will help you to learn advanced poses and more techniques in the teacher training course. 

If you find yourself in the beginning stage, then join a course from basic to advanced level and get trained for at least three months. This will help you to get a good foundation in the practice.

Choosing the right program

There are many teacher training programs out there that offer to teach various things. They also have different course durations. You must choose the right one for you and as per your level of expertise. But it is recommended to choose at least 200hr teacher training course because it will get you trained well in the art.


When you are learning something, try to learn it completely without any doubts. Especially if you are going to pursue teaching, then you must be 100% sure about what you have learned. This guide to pursuing yoga teacher training will help you to make the right decision before you get into the training program.

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