How to train a German Shepherd to be friendly

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Martin luke 3/15/2023 9:32:42 PM

How to train a German Shepherd to be friendly?


Dogs are like little children. They have to be cared for and properly nurtured. Even if you have a lot of friends and family, it will not be like petting a dog. They tend to be more loyal and intimate with their owners. But all this can be enjoyed only with
proper nurturing and training from an early stage. 

German Shepherds are a great breed and you can pet them easily. But they tend to be extra protective of their owners and try to be vigorous around others. So, you need to train them with proper techniques to change them into a more friendly dog. 

In this article, we will be discussing the different strategies you can use to train a German shepherd to be more friendly and social. 

How to train a German Shepherd to be friendly?

Training a German Shepherd can be much easier if you are starting at a very early stage. If your dog is still a pup, you can mold it within weeks and they remain friendly thereafter. But if you are looking to train a grown-up dog, then you have to be patient and train consistently with behavior modification methods for months. Here are some of the training you can perform with your dog to make it more friendly:

Try to socialize gradually

Making your pup or dog friendly with others cannot be done in one shot. You have to train them in baby steps to make them understand. First, you can try to introduce your dog to the inner circle of friends and family. 

It is better to introduce one or two initially and then gradually increase the number. But try to consistently bring people over to your house for the dog to recognize people other than you. 

While you are doing this, try to take the pup or dog out just around the house and find out how he/she behaves. Don’t introduce him to a large group suddenly. 

If you have already trained to leash him, you can take the dog for a walk and let him explore the outer world. 

Once you have started to socialize the dog in various scenarios, you can increase the friendliness within a few weeks or months. 

Don’t feed the dog by yourself

Most of the time, dog owners only feed by themselves and face trouble when others try to feed them. So, if you have started to bring friends and family to the home, you can ask each one of them to feed the dog and it will start to look at them in a better way. Avoid feeding on your own and try to ask others to feed too.


Training your German Shepherd can be easy if you try to follow these two things in your routine. Also, try to be persistent in your training to get more fruitful results. 

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