Postal messages without the use of

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Postal messages without the use of envelopes

Brands use postcards to communicate with the public by sending them without using envelopes. Postcards can be used by brands to promote new products or services, announce sales, invite people for trade shows, drive traffic and other marketing ideas. You can make postcards from paper or plastic. Plastic postcards have the same benefits of paper postcards but are harder to miss due to their professional glossy look and increased durability. These plastic postcards can have pop-out cards embedded in
additional Calls to Action to entice potential customers to contact or visit a specific business to take advantage of the offered discounts.

How are postcards distributed to the masses?

Postcards can be used to quickly send messages to large numbers of people at a low cost. You can send postcards to the masses via e-mail or direct mail.

The USPS recommends the size of postcards

For First-Class Mail to qualify, postcards must be rectangular. They should measure at least 3.5 inches in height, 5 inches in length, and 0.007 inches in thickness. Larger postcards will result in higher envelope postage costs.

What are the postage rates for postcards in actual dollars?

Postage for laminated postcards is dependent on the geographical concentration of the recipients and the actual number of postcards sent. For example, 16000 postcards sent to densely populated areas will be charged a higher rate than the 660 postcards that are sent to rural recipients.

How to mail large postcards to recipients

Individuals and corporations who plan to mail large postcards will save money by using standard (bulk), letters. It is still cheaper to send postcards that meet the USPS size requirements. These postcards are sent first-class mail postcards.

How to choose the right postal office to mail your postcards

While postcards can be printed and sold by individuals or companies, they are issued by the Post Office. Before you choose the best Post Office, it is important to check all available Post Offices. You should also study their operations and only then select one that allows you to mail certain postcards.

Is it necessary for postcards to contain a return address?

A postcard can be sent without a return address, but it is not required. This is the problem. The Post Office will not return plastic postcards without the return address if the recipient doesn't use First Class Mail.

Why are plastic postcards best for businesses?

The following are the reasons why businesses use plastic postcard mailers for direct mail marketing:

  • Increased response rates. Most businesses know that plastic postcard mailers can increase the response rate of their target audience.
  • High durability. High-quality plastics are used to make plastic postcard mailers. They provide protection with a thick layer.
  • Time and cost savings. It is quicker and easier to send many plastic postcards through the Post Office.
  • Allow business branding. For easy differentiation, plastic postcard mailers can include a logo, mission statement and trade name.
  • Facilitate business-integrated marketing. Plastic postcard mailers can be used by businesses that wish to run multiple marketing campaigns at once.
  • Excellent for attention-grabbing. Prospects will be attracted to your postcard mailers with full-color digital printing.

Why laminated postcards are preferred by brands

Lamination gives postcards a polished appearance and feel. The laminated postcards can be made in a variety of materials and are usually water- and tear-resistant. Designers can laminate either one or both sides of postcards when laminating. These are the reasons why laminated postcards are popular with brands:

  • Laminated postcards can be more interactive and powerful than regular mailers. Laminated postcards can be designed in special, bright colors or shiny materials. Potential clients can be affected by all the designs.
  • Laminate postcards make customers feel valued and important. Clients will feel valued and can internalize the message of the laminated postcards if they are sent to them.
  • Lamination provides protection against dirt, fingerprints, smudges and tears, as well as grease, oil, moisture and dirt. This increases durability.
  • Lamination on laminated postcards doesn't affect or blemish printed material.
  • The laminated postcards can be protected against frequent handling. They can withstand the physical stress of having to be taken out and put in their pockets.

Postcards and other printed materials are susceptible to wear and tear. Print materials like postcards can be damaged by frequent handling and environmental conditions. To save money and to attract buyers, brands use laminated postcards.

Postcards can be used to market products and services

To send out postcards, brands can use their audience data from digital channels. This allows them to target their clients with relevant mailers. Postcard marketing is more efficient than multiple digital channels for each business category and contributes to a higher return on investment.

A postcard is more popular than an email.

A postcard mailer is more popular than an unsolicited email. Direct mail is not only received by all recipients, but also more than three quarters of it is read intentionally by them. Direct mail postcards have a greater chance of being read than emails.

It is easy to track the results of your postcard marketing campaign.

Direct mail marketing data can be used by brands to gather valuable data that is crucial for business decision-making and campaign success measurement. With the help of personalized URLs and Custom Phone Numbers (CPO), Coupon codes and QR codes, you can track customer data with postcard marketing.

Postcards can easily be personalized to specific audiences

On-demand printing is now possible. This allows for personalized, fast and affordable services. Print content can be just as dynamic as landing pages or email content. To promote products and services, you can print customer contact information and other personal data on postcards.

Marketing continues to be dominated by postcard marketing

Laminate postcards are a great choice because of their small size and attractive designs. This makes them more appealing to people who want to get them in direct mail. Postcards do not require envelopes to reach recipients. They have high open rates which lead to higher conversions. 

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