What are the Advantages of Wooden Sash

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Martin luke 12/5/2022 9:54:40 PM

What are the Advantages of Wooden Sash Windows?

Sash windows are the most popular variety of window types. They are vertically opening windows that consist of two framed window sashes, one positioned in front of the other. This type of window unit is placed in a frame with vertical grooves, which allows them to move up and down smoothly without any danger of rubbing against one another. The up-and-down movement of the sashed windows is assisted by the counterbalances, that is the weights on cords and pulleys. The counterbalances can be hidden within the frame or exposed on the inside of the window.

When it comes to the materials used for manufacturing sash windows, wood is the perfect option. Wooden sash windows are popular among homeowners because of their extremely durable characteristics. This type of window provides excellent strength and gives your home a classic look. Sash windows offer a wide range of woods to choose from such as Pine, Oak, Red Grandis, etc.

Aesthetic Pleasing:

Wooden sash windows are having eye-catching designs and can add more charm to your home. This type of window can be carved, stained, or painted in order to suit your taste. When you live in a listed building, wooden sash windows are more important in retaining authenticity and also add more value to your property. This type of window gives aesthetic look to your house and also lasts for a longer period of time.

Environment Friendly:

Sash windows which are made up of wooden frames are the most environmentally friendly window frames that you can buy worth your money. Wooden materials use the lowest amount of energy in their processing, production, and transport than any other building material. Also, wooden sash windows have an extremely long-life span, and you can expand their lifetime through proper maintenance.

Safe and Secure:

One of the important reasons to prefer wooden sash windows is safety and security. Sliding sash windows are incorporated with more safety features. They can also be fitted with child safety restrictors, which restrict the opening distance of the window in order to make you and your family safe from inside and out.


Wooden sash windows are extremely versatile. They can be painted in any color and design that matches your home style. Painting your wooden sash windows helps in increasing the lifespan of the frames and also helps in keeping the wood material nourished and protected. Also, you can coat the frames with weathering paint materials in order to withstand any weather conditions. 


Wooden sash windows are extremely easy to maintain, and they need to be cleaned with a simple cloth. By doing the proper care and maintenance, this type of window has a longer lifespan of up to 50 years.

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