What Do You Know about Golf Cart Driving

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Martin luke 2/12/2023 8:25:30 PM

What Do You Know about Golf Cart Driving Etiquette?

Driving a golf cart is easy and most and most people can pick up the skill without putting in much effort. Golf carts are getting more popular because of their compact design and numerous benefits. There are several rules that you need to follow when driving a golf cart. If you are a beginner, you may be surprised about driving etiquette, this article will help you.

90-Degree Rule:

When you are out on the course, you may see signs or hear from an attendant to use the 90-degree rule. This means that the golf course allows you to carefully drive your cart to your ball on the grass at a 90-degree angle. In order to go near your ball, you need to follow the cart path to a spot that aligns with your ball and then you have to make a right-angle turn and drive straight toward your ball. Every golfer should follow this rule when they are driving on the course, and this allows them to get close to their ball while decreasing
the chances of damaging the golf course.

Stay Behind Others:

One of the important rules of driving a golf cart on the course is to stay behind the other golfers. Even if they are 200+ yards away, a perfect hit ball can potentially land right on top of you and made you and your passengers more vulnerable to injury. To avoid the chances of being hit with a golf ball, you need to stay behind the other golfers.

Avoid Loud Noises:

Golf is a popular game that mainly requires a high level of concentration. Even a little distraction can throw off one’s ability to accurately hit the ball. As a sign of respect to other players on the golf course, you need to keep the noise down while driving a golf cart. Even though you are in your golf cart, other players are still on the course, and you may distract them when using the loud noises engine. So, it is respectable to be courteous to other players by keeping your noise level down. For this, electric golf carts are perfect, and
they produce less noise during driving.

Cart Path:

On days, when the golf course requires a cart path only, you should keep your golf cart on the designated path and off the grass at all times. When this happens, you have to drive to the point where you are in line with the ball and then walk out to it. Your golf course officials invoke this rule in order to protect the fairway grass and may be in effect for all or some of the holes.

Bottom Line:

It is important to drive your golf cart as if you are driving your normal vehicle. You should not ignore the stop signs, yield warnings, or any other signs when driving the cart. Before buying one for yourself, make sure to understand the driving etiquette for the safe driving of a golf cart.

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