What To Do When Your Car is Stranded on the

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Martin luke 3/6/2023 4:29:53 PM

What To Do When Your Car is Stranded on the Highway?

Having a car breakdown when driving on a highway can be a nightmare. If you are driving your car in such conditions, it is advisable to take preventive measures in order to avoid being stranded and wasting time on a sudden car breakdown.

The most important thing to remember when handling this situation is not to panic while you move yourself and your vehicle carefully and calmly. Let us take a look at some of the strategies you need to take to handle this situation.

Turn on the Emergency Lights:

The first step you need to take when your car is stranded on the highway is to turn on the hazard or emergency light on your vehicle. By doing this, you can inform other drivers that you are stuck in the situation. You should keep these lights on until your help arrives.

Don’t Get Panic:

When something goes wrong with your vehicle when you are driving on the road, don’t get panic. If you notice any changes in your car that have gone wrong, you need to focus first and resist any urge to panic and slam on the brakes or pull into the next lane to get to safety. You need to take your foot off the accelerator and signal your intention with your blinkers if you want to change lanes. The first thing you have to consider is to safely get to the other side of the road without getting more panic.

Use Parking Brakes:

Once you have reached safely and managed to stop the car, then engage the parking brake. When you are driving on a hill or sloppy area, there are chances that your car might move backward when it stops working. This is why putting emergency parking brakes is important. If the brake is not applied properly, it results in causing serious accidents.

Make Yourself Visible:

Once your vehicle is stranded on the busy road, you need to alert the other car drivers to be more cautious while driving past your vehicle. In order to do this, you need to get out of the car and set up emergency signals of any type that you have in your vehicle. That includes reflective triangles, LED flashers, emergency flares, etc.

Call Mobile Mechanic:

If your car needs to get repaired with the help of a professional, you can call a mobile mechanic Perth. They are experts in offering car repair services and they will come directly to your place. Once they arrived, they will perform a range of diagnostic tasks in order to help your vehicle back on the road.


Car breakdowns can happen at any time. During that time, it is important to have peace of mind rather than panicking. From the above, you can gain some efficient strategies to solve this problem.

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