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Layzie Bone - Annihilation - 2019 Single - EP For Sale

Pre-Order the Annihilation EP Featuring Annihilation and Let Me Go Migo Plus 4 Other Hot Songs https://www.layziegear.com/products/layzie-bone-annihilation-e...

This exactly what Ive been trying to articulate for the folks and the record executives that say I should hang it up or act my age. No this is me and I’m doing me my way through the grace of God according to his will. My downfalls don’t end me, they make me better cause I learn and grow. Thanks @iamsteveharveytv I say Amen to that man. You hear that haters 👂 I must be on to something because why else would so many people want to take what I work for 🤔 feel like I owe them 🤔 I’m not a slave I own me and control me. Getting better everyday no matter your perception of me. Im Gods Child and nobody but him can turn my frequency down. I’m feena blow the thuggish ruggish trumpet 🎺 all praise due to my Heavenly Father

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