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Art festivals for students in Australia, 2020 

Student’s yearning for entertainment and adventure is what makes the art festivals in Australia exiting. Students get to embrace their cultural heritage, arouse their creativity and expose themselves to a world away from studies. Art festivals are a great way to live out your college years so, art lovers Australia, mark your calendars in 2020. 

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Perth Festival 

The Perth Festival is held annually in Western Australia, running from February to March. Being one of the longest-running, the festival provides the attendees with a variety of entertainment choices. They range from classical music performance, opera, theater, dance and visual arts. Its creation dates back to 1953 by the University of Western Australia. Students should, therefore, consider attending a festival with such historical significance. This year’s festival starts from 7th February to 1st March with over 250 events planned. 

Adelaide Festival 

The Adelaide Festival is also held annually since its inauguration in 1960. It takes place in South Australia, in the capital of Adelaide where it coexists with Adelaide fringe. Both festivals attract tourists and expose them to the best art and cultural entertainment Australia has to offer. The 2020 Adelaide festival is scheduled to begin on 28 February and end on 15 March with its counterpart, set to start on 14 February to 15 March. For a student in Adelaide, there is no shortage of adventure and visiting this fest is almost essential for them all, but if you have no time due to your studying then just visit EduJungles where you can order any homework anytime 

Melbourne International Comedy Festival 

The Melbourne International Comedy Festival (MICF) has grown to become one of the largest comedy events in the world since its establishment in 1987. The MICF provides a platform for hundreds of international and local acts. Stand-up comedy is the main attraction in the festival however, there are also other related performances such as; 

  • Plays  

  • Debates  

The 2020 festival is happening from 25th March to 19th April. Such is its reputation that if it fails to live up to expectations, it will be considered Melbourne breaking news. 

Four Winds Easter Festival 

The year 2020 marks the 21st birthday since its creation providing the Australian people two days of fun Easter experience. Music is the main attraction with the finest Australian acts getting to perform and also international guests taking to the stage. The 2020 edition will take place from 8th April to 12th April in one of Australia’s best performance spaces. The special thing about the event is that it’s not scheduled around the Australian calendar rather its objective is focused around the Easter period. The Four Winds Easter Festival is an interesting chance for students to make the most of the Easter holiday. 

Vivid Sydney 

This festival happens in Sydney Australia, consisting of outdoor light shows and music. The event takes place in two weeks between May and June. The main idea revolves around turning some of the iconic buildings in Sydney to canvases of light art. The landmarks in Sydney are already iconic on their own and the lights will only enhance the outdoor experience of the city buildings such as;  

  • The Sydney Opera House 

  • Luna Park 

  • Queen Victoria Building 

  • Darling Harbour 

For students, the experience is like no other and it provides a safer way for them to enjoy the nightlife. As per festival news Sydney, it will take place starting from 22 May all the way to 13 Jun 2020. 

Darwin Festival 

Darwin Festival is a platform that gets to showcase the cultural aspects of Northern Australia. The traditions include street parades, music performances, theater, comedy, film, dance and visual arts. It takes place in the dry seasons which in the 2020 calendar Australia, the dates will be between 6th to 23rd August. For a student ready to experience the culture of North Australia, this festival provides the ultimate spring experience. 

Sydney Contemporary 2020 

This is an opportunity for collectors and art enthusiasts public to gain access to professional and unique art by some of the respected local and international artists. It is also an opportunity for the upcoming artists to showcase their work which can be beneficial to art students. The 2020 edition will happen on 10th – 13th September. 


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DESIGN Canberra 

DESIGN Canberra is always a delight where design is celebrated. Happening in the capital city of Australia, the experience is next to none and exposes people to mind-blowing designs and innovations. Jason Todd who works in can attest to this event being of educational value to students. The 2020 edition is scheduled to happen on 9-29th November. 

Borderville Circus Festival 

This is an event designed to celebrate circus and provide family entertainment. For curious students, they can attend the event to learn more about circus through the workshop. Circus enthusiasts can anticipate the announcement of the 2020 dates of the Boderville Circus Festival website. 

How to save time for visiting all these sightseeing 

Australia is littered with sightseeing venues and for a student, it can get overwhelming trying to decide which event is right. The festivals each have their own websites that display the dates locations and prices of the events. This will help to plan the sightseeing schedule for the year. To save time, being organized is the key, like how I get to write my essay. 

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The beauty of Australia is undeniable and it can make studying in the country one of the best experiences. Students are exposed to a wealth of culture, music, and art that gives them other perspectives on life. The festivals happening annually shows how committed the Australian people are in maintaining their culture and showcasing it to the world. 

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