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Totally Immune to the Covid-19 Economic Contagion Global Telco’s Structure a Blueprint for Crisis-Resistant Business

Released On: 20/04/2020
Views: 1431

Unaffected by the Covid-19 Global Economic Crash Presses Ahead with its Planned Q4 Listing

Totally immune to the economic contagion crippling companies and markets worldwide, Global Telco’s “Crisis-Resistant Business” Model facilitates complete stability for planned Q4 Listing. Model is possibly a blueprint for companies in the post-Covid Era
Released On: 15/04/2020
Views: 2415


Specialised Mobile Provider has once again broken new ground in its global brand marketing campaigns.
Released On: 25/09/2013
Views: 63174

Dramatic footage of Marine Search and Rescue released by

Released On: 16/11/2011
Views: 6300

Dramatic footage of Marine Search and Rescue released by

Released On: 16/11/2011
Views: 11563 attracts 300 firms for VSMP expansion in South East Asia

By MOHD RASHDAN JAMALUDIN - The Malaysian Reserve
Released On: 04/10/2011
Views: 14738 goes ahead with preparation for an IPO in 2010

Released On: 29/12/2009
Views: 6760’s Intercontinental Challenge establishes world records in broadcasting, TV viewers, marketing and brand recognition

Released On: 18/12/2009
Views: 3449

Rescue Diver in Challenge tells of extreme rescue conditions

Released On: 25/11/2009
Views: 5367 to stage the World’s First Intercontinental Crossing by Jet-wing

Specialized Mobile Provider to stage a spectacular global event to highlight its innovative mobile phone service
Released On: 06/11/2009
Views: 3542’s $76,000 Video Ad Contest Breaks Multiple Records on Ad Competition Website

Released On: 23/07/2009
Views: 3403

Hilarious Rap Video about Calling Barack Obama, David Hasselhoff, Anna Kournikova and Kim Jong-Il Wins $20,000

Released On: 23/07/2009
Views: 3495 video competition heralds seismic shift in advertizing industry

Specialized Mobile Provider’s video ad competition brings in millions of dollars worth of video ads at a fraction of the cost of conventional production. Liberates ‘Citizen marketers’ and forces a fundamental rethink of the way traditional advertizing agencies do business.
Released On: 14/07/2009
Views: 4040 offers $75000 Prize Money in International Video Ad Competition

Specialized Mobile Provider teams up with to open a Video Ad Competition to entrants from all countries
Released On: 27/05/2009
Views: 3022 gears up for Valentine’s Day texting spike’s ultra-low cost mobile calling and texting service gears up for annual Valentine’s Day texting spike
Released On: 03/02/2009
Views: 3233’s ultra-low cost mobile call and text service growing strongly in international popularity and use’s ultra-low cost mobile calling and texting service – which cuts mobile calling and texting costs by up to 80% worldwide – is being adopted by users in all countries and market sectors.
Released On: 06/01/2009
Views: 3153

New Year Text messaging costs slashed by mobile provider

Specialized mobile provider’s texting service set to save consumers up to 80% for the New Year’s Day mobile texting surge.
Released On: 29/12/2008
Views: 3710

WEBTEL.MOBI’s new mobile calling and texting service cuts mobile costs by up to 80% internationally, and stuns the international mobile market’s groundbreaking service - providing mobile calling and texting worldwide at up to 80% reduction on standard mobile texting and calling rates internationally - is being hailed as “a mobile revolution” by consumer organisations, with industry analysts forecasting that it will result in a major international shakeup in mobile phone pricing, as its release stuns the international mobile market.
Released On: 27/11/2008
Views: 3069