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Management Market
Component and by Region – Global Opportunities & Forecast, 2020-2027

Global Fleet
Management Market

The GMI Research asserts that the Fleet
Management Market
will fuel over the forecast period. This is because of
the augmenting espousal of electric vehicles and the increasing emphasis of
government to decrease the carbon emission.  

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Fleet Management Market Dynamics

The fleet management system
proffers enormous remarkable features, such as less risks associated with automotive,
improves effectiveness, raises productivity, decreases the fuel costs, and
improves customer experience. Thus, all these benefits will strengthen the
growth of the global fleet
management market
Further, the ongoing technological innovation, such
as the evolution of IoT, data analytics, and artificial intelligence will fuel
the market growth. Also, as per the Fleet Management Market forecast, the growing agitation towards
fleet security, rigorous government norms to introduce novel revenue streams
for vendors, and the decreasing cost of hardware and IoT connectivity will
raise the disposition of the fleet management system.

The surging implementation of fleet management
systems in electric vehicles as well as heavy commercial automotive will
further contribute to the market growth. Moreover, the accelerating seepage of
wireless technology in fleet management as a result of larger coverage, faster
response and ingression will pave the way for market growth. The growing
apprehension of the fleet owners on effective functioning and various
initiatives of the green fleet to reduce the environmental impact and pollution
will contribute to the market growth. However, the increasing incidences of cyber-attacks
and issues associated with the driver’s safety will hinder the Fleet
Management Market


Fleet Type Segment Drivers

The Passenger Cars segment is projected to capture a
prominent market share during the forecast period. This is because of the
increasing endorsement of electric vehicles, which has raised the application of
the fleet management system. The surging emphasis of the government entities to
decrease the carbon discharge and reduce the fleet costs will contribute to the
market growth. Further, the benefits of fleet management in electric vehicles
such as mechanisation of electric range from fuel effectiveness, and EV
diagnosis will contribute to the global Fleet Management Market size.

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