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A jailed mafia boss has been giving his frustrated foot soldiers advice on how to improve their sex life.

Released On: 25/12/2010
Views: 2288

A 103-year-old British great-grandmother is thought to have become the world's oldest Facebook user.

Released On: 22/12/2010
Views: 2655

Disabled mother raises 130 children

Released On: 22/12/2010
Views: 2441

A Chinese farmer has built a fully functioning house at the top of a 50ft tree.

Released On: 22/12/2010
Views: 2444

A US woman set fire to her boyfriend's crotch because he was ignoring her.

Released On: 22/12/2010
Views: 2055

A Chinese man was shocked when one of his hens laid a bowling pin shaped egg.

Released On: 18/12/2010
Views: 2753

Chinese archaeologists have discovered a 2,400-year-old pot of soup.

Released On: 18/12/2010
Views: 3438

A British woman was horrified when live baby mice fell out of a packet of crisps she had picked up in a supermarket.

Released On: 18/12/2010
Views: 2484

A British man has been banned from a public library - for pleasuring himself while reading Lord Alan Sugar's autobiography.

Released On: 18/12/2010
Views: 2645

A retired Canadian teacher has entered the Guinness World Records for 2011 with the world’s largest collection of Santa Claus memorabilia.

Released On: 17/12/2010
Views: 2473

A US man tried to resist arrest by leaping off a bridge.

Released On: 17/12/2010
Views: 2337

British police are investigating burglaries where the intruders used the householders’ hot tubs before stealing from them.

Released On: 17/12/2010
Views: 2272

British goat farmers have increased milk production by playing Mariah Carey music to the animals.

Released On: 17/12/2010
Views: 2398

NY Authorities: 4 Bodies Are Women, Serial Killer May Be Responsible

Released On: 16/12/2010
Views: 3370

A Chinese man has been evicted from the giant egg he was living in.

Released On: 16/12/2010
Views: 2428

A US nun has been accused of embezzling more than $850,000 to pay off her gambling debts.

Released On: 16/12/2010
Views: 2311

A Spanish toddler reportedly robbed a jewelry store in Spain with his mother.

Released On: 16/12/2010
Views: 2297

A US bus driver has been forced to resign after "murdering" a snowman.

Released On: 16/12/2010
Views: 2106