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Eye Tracking Devices Market Size: Market Outlook and Market Forecast (2024 to 2031)

Market Overview and Report Coverage

Eye tracking devices are technology-based tools that monitor and track the movement of a person's eyes in order to gather information about where they are looking, for how long, and in what order. These devices are widely used in various fields such as market research, psychology, human-computer interaction, and gaming.

The future outlook of the eye tracking devices market is promising, with a projected growth rate of % during the forecasted period. The increasing demand for eye tracking devices in various industries, such as healthcare and automotive, is driving market growth. Additionally, the rise of virtual and augmented reality technologies is further propelling the adoption of eye tracking devices.

The current market trends show a growing preference for non-intrusive eye tracking devices that are comfortable for users to wear for extended periods of time. Additionally, advancements in eye tracking software and AI technology are improving the accuracy and precision of eye tracking data.

Overall, the eye tracking devices market is poised for significant growth in the coming years, with an increasing focus on innovation and technological advancements.

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Market Segmentation

The Eye Tracking Devices Market Analysis by types is segmented into:

  • Remote Eye Trackers
  • Head-Mounted Eye Trackers


Remote eye trackers are devices that use a camera to track a person's eye movements from a distance, typically placed below or above a computer screen. These devices are commonly used in research settings to study visual attention and behavior. Head-mounted eye trackers, on the other hand, are wearable devices that are worn either on the head or as glasses, allowing for more natural and mobile eye tracking. They are often used in real-world applications such as usability testing and virtual reality experiences.

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The Eye Tracking Devices Market Industry Research by Application is segmented into:

  • Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality
  • Training and simulation
  • Human Computer Interactions (HCI)
  • Healthcare
  • Research


Eye tracking devices have a wide range of applications in various industries. In augmented reality and virtual reality, these devices help in enhancing user experience and immersion. For training and simulation purposes, eye tracking technology can provide valuable feedback on user engagement and attention. In human-computer interactions, it enables more intuitive and efficient interactions. In healthcare, eye tracking devices are used for diagnostic purposes and rehabilitation. In research, these devices help in studying visual attention and behavior.

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In terms of Region, the Eye Tracking Devices Market Players available by Region are:

North America:

  • United States

  • Canada


  • Germany

  • France

  • U.K.

  • Italy

  • Russia


  • China

  • Japan

  • South Korea

  • India

  • Australia

  • China Taiwan

  • Indonesia

  • Thailand

  • Malaysia

Latin America:

  • Mexico

  • Brazil

  • Argentina Korea

  • Colombia

Middle East & Africa:

  • Turkey

  • Saudi

  • Arabia

  • UAE

  • Korea

What are the Emerging Trends in the Global Eye Tracking Devices market?

The global eye tracking devices market is experiencing growth due to the increasing adoption of eye tracking technology in various industries such as healthcare, automotive, and gaming. Emerging trends in the market include the development of portable and wearable eye tracking devices, as well as advancements in remote eye tracking technology. Current trends involve the integration of eye tracking technology with virtual reality and augmented reality applications, as well as the growing demand for eye tracking devices in market research and advertising. Overall, the market is expected to continue expanding due to the increasing awareness of the benefits of eye tracking technology in various sectors.

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Major Market Players

The Eye Tracking Devices Market is highly competitive with key players such as Tobii Pro, SensoMotoric Instruments (SMI), SR Research, The Eye Tribe, Gazepoint, Ergoneers, EyeTech Digital Systems, ISCAN, LC Technology, Pupil Labs, Smart Eye, Seeing Machines, IMotionsInc, General Motors, Polhemus, Eye Tribe, among others.

Tobii Pro is one of the leading players in the market offering a wide range of eye-tracking solutions for research purposes. The company has experienced significant growth due to the increasing demand for eye-tracking technology in various industries such as advertising, gaming, and healthcare.

SensoMotoric Instruments (SMI) is another key player in the market known for its high-quality eye-tracking devices used in applications such as human behavior research and virtual reality. The company has been focusing on developing innovative solutions to cater to the changing needs of its customers.

Smart Eye is a global leader in eye-tracking technology with a strong presence in the automotive industry. The company has been expanding its market share by forming strategic partnerships with major automobile manufacturers to integrate its eye-tracking technology into vehicles for driver monitoring systems.

According to market research reports, the global eye tracking devices market size is expected to reach USD billion by 2026, growing at a CAGR of 26.2% during the forecast period. This growth is attributed to the rising adoption of eye tracking technology in various industries for usability testing, market research, and human-computer interaction.

In terms of sales revenue, Tobii Pro reported sales of approximately USD 457 million in 2020, while Smart Eye reported sales of around USD 89 million during the same period. These figures highlight the strong market position of these companies and their ability to capitalize on the growing demand for eye-tracking devices.

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27 Jun 2024
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