Ryan Cassata

Ryan Cassata


But I got too many ideas And I can t seem tos

Ryan Cassata
Ryan Cassata 10/31/2021 1:35:00 AM

But I got too many ideas
And I can’t seem to get through to them
I can’t seem to get my fingertips to flow on this guitar
The rеst of the kids are painting rainbows and running in the schoolyard
How do thеy not care who they are?
Like me…
Oh, God made me different
I mean, he filled me with grief
I’m having an existential crisis at 15 watching myself on TV
I hope the rest of my summer camp doesn’t hear me scream

Lyrics: C’mon Sarah it’s great to be 8 - #magicmiraclemile

📸 & 💇‍♂️: @shrunknheads

Ryan Cassata
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Ryan Cassata

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