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Vedanta Air Ambulance Services in Patna has an Unblemished Track Record of Delivering Risk-Free Medical Transportation

Tuesday, May 9, 2023: Medical emergencies can be life-risking and stressful but losing a loved one due to the unavailability of a faster means of medical transport can be depressing. For being available to shift patients quickly Vedanta Air Ambulance is providing Air Ambulance Services in Patna that transfers patient via medically outfitted flights having advanced medical equipment including spinal board, cardiac monitors, oxygen cylinders, transport ventilators, nebulizers, defibrillators, infusion pumps, first aid kits, IV fluids, etc.  Our skilled team responds to the urgent needs of the patients and offers care and transportation to them without much waiting time.

Our expert professionals are ready to offer seamless quality care in critical life-threatening illnesses and also provide emergency and non-emergency transportation to and from the targeted hospital. We have high standards of clinical excellence that are implied while composing the medical transport missions. We offer Air Ambulance from Patna, Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Chennai, and other metropolitan cities and have a team of certified caregivers including flight nurses and paramedics who allow the delivery of medication and treatment during the process of evacuation and never lay any complication while transferring patients.

Vedanta Air Ambulance Services in Delhi is the Excellent Air Medical Transportation Provider Amidst Emergency

When critical emergency strikes, depending on the speedy medical transportation offered by Vedanta Air Ambulance Services in Delhi would ensure the patient will reach the medical center before it’s too late. The medical team delivers critical care and keeps the patient in a conscious state until the journey comes to a halt, and the aviation team takes care of the in-flight operations as efficiently as they can. We work on improving patient satisfaction and reliability and ensure their trust in our company remains intact with our resourceful service. We lay emphasis and focus on improving community health and offer a life-saving air evacuation solution.

At an event, our round-the-clock operational helpline team at Air Ambulance in Delhi received a call for transferring a neonatal patient to the medical center in Delhi from Patna. Since the toddler was born merely ten days ago, involvement in safety was a must, and we took care of every possible detail that helped in meeting the necessities of the requester. Along with the availability of a neonatal expert, we arranged a room for the mother as well as it was mandatory. We successfully shifted the patient without causing any discomfort at any step of the journey.

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