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New Zealand Shark Attack Leave Film Director Adam Strange Dead

Released On: 01/03/2013
Views: 4438

Central Switzerland Shooting Leaves 3 Dead, 7 Seriously Wounded

Released On: 27/02/2013
Views: 3671

19 Foreigners Killed In Hot Air Balloon Accident In Southern Egypt

Released On: 27/02/2013
Views: 3563

Oscar Pistorius Granted Bail, Family Is “Relieved”

Released On: 23/02/2013
Views: 3745

Top Investigator In Oscar Pistorius Case Faces Attempted Murder Charges

Released On: 22/02/2013
Views: 3660

Oscar Pistorius Reveals Girlfriend Died In His Arms

Released On: 20/02/2013
Views: 4018

36 Dead, 30 Injured In Stampede At Northern India Railroad Station

Released On: 12/02/2013
Views: 3669

Fire Leaves Carnival Cruise Ship Triumph Stranded In Gulf With Little Power And Running Water

Released On: 12/02/2013
Views: 3436

Pope Benedict XVI Announces Resignation During Vatican Ceremony

Released On: 12/02/2013
Views: 3590

Earthquake Triggers Tsunami, 5 Dead In Solomon Islands

Released On: 07/02/2013
Views: 4126

Remains Found Under Parking Lot Identified As Those Of King Richard III

Released On: 05/02/2013
Views: 3954

Suicide Blast Outside US Embassy In Ankara, Turkey Leaves 1 Dead, 1 Injured

Released On: 02/02/2013
Views: 4404

Death Toll In Explosion At Pemex Office In Mexico City Rises To 32

Released On: 02/02/2013
Views: 3711

Body Of US Air Force Pilot Lucas Gruenther Found In Adriatic Sea

Released On: 01/02/2013
Views: 4052

US Navy Will Cut Grounded Minesweeper In To Pieces To Remove It From Coral Reef

Released On: 01/02/2013
Views: 3637

3 Men Confirmed Dead In Antarctica Plane Crash

Released On: 29/01/2013
Views: 3794

Navy Minesweeper Stuck On Reef Takes On Water, Is No Longer Operational

Released On: 26/01/2013
Views: 3659

US Navy Still Attempting To Free Minesweeper Stuck On Coral Reef

Released On: 19/01/2013
Views: 4043