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About Adversity Training

The experience of adversity negatively affects productivity, attitude, energy, feelings and emotions, and time. Wouldn't  it be great to have a process you can apply that would allow you to completely neutralize the experience of adversity? Such a process exists and it can help you take back your time and energy, and quality of life! Its called Zero Adversity and the process is outlined in my new International Best Selling Book, now available on and 
Michael J. Russ, author, speaker, entrepreneur, and  micro-philanthropist, is giving away 5 free empowering training videos at The 5 videos reveal how to use one of Michael's primary life tools--self-talk--to change any aspect of your life. You can do anything when you put the power of your self-talk behind you. Go their now, get the 14 to 22 minute videos, apply the information you learn, and watch your life change in amazing ways.


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  • Michael J. Russ helps you facilitate your own change, transformation, or evolution, by delivering life tools you can use to enjoy more fulfillment, freedom, happiness in your life. You'll meet life's challenges head on, with power, intention, and great success. is where the next stage of your life begins.