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About Backman Brothers



The Backman Brothers affiliated companies build, lease, manage and sell niche commercial and residential home properties in Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Florida.


Our concept of “niche” includes high quality office/warehouse projects; low rise office buildings; and custom built residences which remain in demand during expansionary cycles and downturns in the real estate industry.


This has proven especially true as the country is in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic and economic shutdown which is devastating shopping centers, high rise office buildings; restaurant locations and apartment complexes. The tenants in our properties – principally service businesses and professional practices -- remain in business and in need of our premises. As a result, we are able to work with our family of tenants to modify lease terms and work with them to “roll with the punches”.




Real estate has been in our family DNA for three generations. Garett and Charles Backman grew up in their family’s (and grandparent’s) real estate business in the Boston area, and then “relocated” to the Southeast with a base in Atlanta. Garett first practiced real estate law with the

Troutman Sanders law firm in Atlanta, and subsequently teamed up with his brother Charles to focus entirely on real estate development and management.


For over three decades the Backman Brothers affiliated companies have achieved an enviable track record of success with each project, and have consistently afforded high returns on investments for their financial partners, both in “good times” and in recessionary periods. To date, no financial partner has failed to earn a return on investment in any Backman project.


The Future


Because we operate in niche properties that are the least likely to be affected by the pandemic crisis, we see attractive acquisition opportunities that we know how to manage, improve and make successful in this economic environment. Our financial partners continue to want solid real estate opportunities as a “flight to safety”, and we are privileged to have earned their trust and respect for our expertise.


For New Interested Financial Partners


We have been blessed by the loyalty and referrals of our existing financial partners, but are always interested in meeting and sharing with new contacts our philosophy and modus operandi relating to our niche approach to real estate.  


Each project (both new construction and acquisitions of existing properties) are executed through dedicated partnership and limited liability companies, and are financed independently with bank financing and private capital contributions.


We currently have under contract or “letter of intent” highly attractive property opportunities which fit within our “niche” and expertise. We welcome calls from serious capital investors who are sophisticated in real estate, and who want to know more about us, and the opportunities we current have in this period of economic upheaval.


Please feel free to call Garett Backman any time on his personal cell 404 550-8100 for a preliminary discussion. A relationship is a “two way street” and we need for any interested capital partner to get to know us, and for us to get to know them.