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About Brookes Bruno CEO Sales Finance Group

Market Street
Frederick, Maryland 21703

Brookes Bruno

Brookes is a Senior Sales & Marketing Business Development Executive – responsible for revenue generation processes in an organization. In this role, Brookes is accountable for driving better integration and alignment between all revenue-related functions, including marketing, sales, customer support, pricing and revenue management. 

As a business leader first, Brookes will regularly measure and analyze productivity and effectiveness, form strategic product road maps, create market positioning and competitive advantages, and determine budget trade-offs with a goal of continually improving and developing sustainable results.

Sales Performance - Sales strategies and tactics aimed to sell each product to the most valuable segment with a focus on generating the most revenue possible.

Advertising & Promotion Effectiveness - Expenditures on marketing and advertising activities must generate revenue and be analyzed and refined to isolate the activities generate the greatest ROI.

Market Maker - Brookes works closely with the executive team and others to craft and communicate the company’s vision and then transform that vision into a long-term strategy for pioneering new markets and opportunities.

Results Oriented - Brookes assumes a long-term, integrated perspective while also striving to drive quarterly revenue results – he commits to short-term results, forecasts future revenue, and takes accountability for both short-term success and longer-term strategy.


  • Brookes Bruno | Managing Partner | Investments | Consumer Financing |Private Equity
  • Consumer Financing Customizable Lender Solutions

Sales Finance Group

  • Market Street
    Frederick, Maryland 21703
  • (800) 945-3997