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About Brookes Bruno

Frederick, Maryland

Brookes Bruno

Brookes Bruno is a high level business development, sales and marketing entrepreneur with a focus on business and consumer financing. Brookes Bruno has worked with 'brick and mortar' and 'click and mortar' businesses since 1992. Brookes Bruno has expertise in business financing, consumer financing, sales funnels, sales management and new product development. Brookes Bruno is focused on developing online and offline strategic marketing strategies with efficacies on conversion. Brookes Bruno is a professional sales speaker, sales trainer and sales consultant for more than 20 years, Brookes Bruno has been helping companies build customers, relationships, and their bottom-line. He has helped businesses both large and small learn how to achieve market dominance through specific sales and referral strategies designed to out-market, outsell, and out service the competition.

​Brookes Bruno Consumer Financing, Business Financing and Managing Partner for Capital Inc. 800-630-6350,  has been helping businesses grow their client base for over 10 years by applying the right consumer financing lender mix, to the right products and consumer traffic and creating a streamlined sales process to explode conversion rates. Capital Inc.'s own money, proprietary exclusive consumer financing lenders and customizable consumer financing solutions erases the burden in trying to 'figure out' what lender is best for your business.

  • E-Commerce Lender Solution with transaction fee's as low as 2.99% with instant approvals using your shopping cart account creation, approvals go up to $10,000 backed by a 17 BILLION dollar lender with credit score approvals as low as a 580.
  • Business Lending from $5,000 to $5,000,000 no credit check to term loans with lines of credit.
  • Retail Sales & Call Center Financial Sales consumer financing custom programs, designed around your specific needs and client base from 'Prime to No Credit Needed' with loan amounts to $35,000 and terms of 60 to100 months.
We have done all the work already and with our consulting services, clients have experienced 200% gains in sales conversions even if they have been using consumer financing in the past. With so many lenders available, different consumer financing processes for e-commerce and brick and mortar, it can take weeks for a business owners to find what they believe is the right solution....just to find out your wrong.

However, with one 45 minute phone consultation with Brookes Bruno, Managing Partner of Capital Inc. 800-630-6350, you can quickly identify the right solution for your business and do so at no additional cost. Uncover what lenders are working and aren't working, what type of clients you have that require consumer financing, and average price points you sell, either online or in a brick and mortar environment. We can then quickly and efficiently identify the best solution for you, underwrite your account and have you trained with the right solution for increased conversion rates with paperless consumer financing and instant approvals, to take all the guess work out of the process.

​ Capital Inc. 800-630-6350


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Brookes Bruno Partner Capital Inc.

  • Frederick, Maryland
  • 800-630-6350
  • 9 AM EST to 5 PM EST