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Solar Eclipse 2017.....

In case you have not heard, Solar Eclipse Mania has swarmed across the United States. If you could go outside, you may have seen at least a portion of the moon pass between the Sun and the Earth. In New Jersey, we were able catch a partial glimpse of the phenomenon through special glasses. Some friends created a special viewer using boxes from around the office. Our entire business took time off to look up at the sky. It didn’t last very long. The whole thing was over from coast to coast in just 90 minutes.

And only two of us had glasses! So it brought everyone together rather quickly. Hopefully nobody has pink eye.

The shadow of the solar eclipse headed East across America at a speed of 2,100 mph. It followed a 3,000-mile path, and was best viewed in Idaho, Wyoming, Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, and North Carolina.

By approximately 2:49 p.m. Eastern time – POOF! It was all over. Hope you didn't miss it.


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