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About Ergonomic Technology Desks

PO Box 391
Hibernia, New Jersey 07842

SMARTdesks has the best ergonomic technology desks to give your conference room, meeting space or classroom the upgrade it needs. When you are looking to enhance your workspace you can install new ergonomic technology desks built by SMARTdesks to create a flexible work environment for those who use the area.

Many outdated conference rooms are small cramped and lack the necessary space and tools needed for many common business functions. Moreover, schools that are looking to create flexible classrooms can install the right multi-functional desks to create a collaborative classroom that meets the needs of various lesson plans and subjects. Call SMARTdesks today at 800-770-7042 for more information.

Rely on SMARTdesks to provide you with the best ergonomic technology desks. We can help you create a collaborative workspace that will benefit everyone at your office or students in your classroom. By having the right furniture in your space, you can help your associates or students learn more efficiently and work more productively.

We can be reached at 800-770-7042 and look forward to working with you.


  • SMARTdesks
  • Find the best ergonomic technology desks for your office space or classroom from SMARTdesks. Our tech-integrated furniture will help enhance your workspace.



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  • PO Box 391
    Hibernia, New Jersey 07842
  • 800-770-7042