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About ATWT

3147 Players Club Parkway
Memphis, Tennessee 38125

Brief History

ATWEC Technologies, Inc. first organized in 1979. Its' first product was the development of a new technology for auto security (see Commerical Appeal March 27, 1981).

On Feb 21, 2000, ATWEC emerged as a Nevada Corporation doing business in the State of Tennessee. The primary focus has shifted to pre-school and daycare safety products as it relates to the transportation industry.

ATWEC Technologies, Inc. has developed a unique, highly effective safety application for the huge, underserved population looking for and using safety devices. Children left on day-care buses, a recurring and potentially deadly situation, occur across the country every month. ATWEC designs new safety products specifically for the transportation industry.


Alex Wiley -President and Founder

of ATWEC Technologies

  • •35 YRS. Developing and designing electronic security Systems
  • •Graduated from State Technical Institute with a degree in Electronic Engineering.
  • •Engineer in aero space industry
  • •Hold US patent for Kiddie Voice products.

Darnell Stitts –CEO

  • •40 yrs. Executive Management and Business Operations
  • •Quality Control Consultant
  • •Entrepreneur
  • •Fabricator and Designer


  • ATWEC Technologies INC
  • ATWEC Technologies, Inc., a start-up manufacturing firm located in Memphis, TN has chosen to create the KiddieSystem product line, which consist of specifically designed systems to guard against the industry worst nightmare (a child be left behind in a car, van or bus). Each product of the KiddieSystem line has a unique purpose for protecting a child's safety.


ATWEC Technologies INC

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ATWEC Technologies INC

  • 3147 Players Club Parkway
    Memphis, Tennessee 38125
  • (901) 435-6849
  • Monday - Friday 9:00AM - 5:00PM