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In Fitness at 40, 50, 60 and Beyond, author Michael Spitzer presents a scientifically based program that can transform the body and achieve up to 30 lbs of fat loss in 16 weeks.

Not just a typical diet book, Spitzer explains the effects of aging on the body and offers a detailed program that produces complete fitness for fat loss, better muscle tone, greater flexibility and more energy.

No hype, no wild claims, no false promises.  The book tells it like it is.  A balance of diet, resistance training, and cardio combined in a precise 3-day-per-week plan produces impressive body changes in just 4 months.

Every exercise is clearly described with accompanying photos that demonstrate both proper and improper technique. Diagrams, tables, and charts are also used to explain meal plans, recipes. and other principles.
At the end of each chapter, summaries are provided that can be copied and carried for quick, easy reference. 

Although written to address the specific issues that concern older individuals, the diet and exercise advice provided is useful for people of all ages. In this regard, the book may be considered by some as the “definitive new book for fitness and weight loss”

Get in the best shape of your life - NATURALLY
Folks in their 40s, 50s , 60s, and beyond can be in better shape and feel more energetic than they have in decades.


  • Fitness after 40
  • These real world success stories combined with disgust at all the TV commercials and other products selling false promises of magic weight loss motivated Spitzer to offer people a true and honest path to better health.