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About Chapter 13 California Bankruptcy Attorney

15760 Ventura Blvd Suite 800
Encino, California 91436

California bankruptcy attorneys at Price Law Group offer residents of California the help they need when filing for Chapter 13 Bankruptcy. Many times when you are struggling to make ends meet, have difficulty repaying your debts and are living paycheck to paycheck, bankruptcy can be the answer to your prayers. Work with Price Law Group today and our Chapter 13 bankruptcy specialists to discuss your needs with us.

We have licensed attorneys throughout the state of California and will work with you one on one, reviewing your financial situation, to best determine your financial needs. You may be eligible for Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, which will help wipe away many of your outstanding debts quickly, but you will still be required to pay back some of those debts on a repayment plan that extends out 3 to 5 years. 

Chapter 13 bankruptcy is often called “wage-earners” bankruptcy is offers filers protection from creditors and gives them a way to have a clean slate, but the majority of their income aside from monies needed for rent or a house payment, car payment, and utilities will go towards repaying debts on the bankruptcy. 

Work with Price Law Group today to get your financial life back on track and get out of the situation you are in. Remember, bankruptcy can offer you the financial relief that you need when other alternatives are not available. You can reach us today by calling 866-210-1722 for more information or to schedule your financial review with us. 


  • Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Attorney California
  • Chapter 13 bankruptcy, often called "wage-earners bankruptcy", provides a person with a way to achieve a new start, but requires the filer to pay off some of their outstanding debts. Under the terms of Chapter 13 bankruptcy your unsecured debts are combined into one category and a payment plan is developed based on calculations of your disposable income.


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Price Law Group

  • 15760 Ventura Blvd Suite 800
    Encino, California 91436
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