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About Chargeback Help | Chargeback Alerts

1226 S 1000 E
Draper , Utah 84020

Get back in the game and start recovering revenue quickly

Chargebacks Are Inevitable

Every business is different. Don't scour the Internet looking for random lists of ways to prevent and fight chargebacks when you need a real chargeback solution.

Fight Chargebacks Customize disputes before transmitting it to the bank. Fight chargebacks with our real time service that lets you choose which chargebacks to contest.

Prevent ChargebacksPrevent consumer disputes before they become chargebacks. Prevent up to 40% of chargebacks with one of the widest chargeback alerts coverage available on the market.

Profit Recovery - Our tools will allow merchants to recover profits lost to chargebacks. Start now and quickly recover funds lost to chargebacks without tying up resources.
Fraud Detection - The most complete real time fraud analytics. Our technology will will validate a transaction before sending the order through your payment gateway.

Chargebacl Alerts -Prevent Chargebacks before they happen

Prevent Chargebacks. Fight Chargebacks. Recover Profits.

Our system has real-time dashboard reports that shows everything you need about chargeback ratios & counts by card types. Our system can send you alerts that will notify you when your merchant accounts approaches a negative balance.


  • Chargeback Help | Chargeback Alerts | Chargeback Defense Solutions
  • Prevent Chargebacks. Fight Chargebacks. Recover Profits. Helping businesses fight fraud where it starts. Fight chargebacks before they happen!


Chargeback Defense Solutions

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Chargeback Defense Solutions

  • 1226 S 1000 E
    Draper , Utah 84020
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