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CoronaVirus Updates 7/29/2021 12:40:11 PM

Gov. Kemp: Georgia will not lockdown, no statewide mask mandate

Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp made his stance clear, he has no intention of ordering a statewide mask mandate even through the CDC's guidance has shifted.

Georgia Gov. Kemp says no mask mandate, but schools keep announcing them. Infections and hospitalizations from COVID-19 in Georgia continued to rise steeply Wednesday, as Gov. Brian Kemp vowed he would not impose a statewide mask mandate or restrict business and public activities. On Tuesday, the CDC recommended vaccinated people wear masks indoors again in parts of the U.S. where the coronavirus is surging and that everyone in K-12 schools wears masks, regardless of vaccination status. According to health official data, that includes most of Georgia, especially seven counties singled last week by a non-profit health organization as being in the top 20 "delta danger zones" for the more virulent variant. This is what Gov. Kemp Tweeted about the mask mandate "Georgia will not lock down or impose statewide mask mandates," Kemp wrote. "As the first state in the country to reopen over a year ago, we’ve proven that Georgians know how to come together and protect themselves and their loved ones." How do you feel about masks? Should Georgia enforce another mask mandate? Let us know your thoughts on this topic. 

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