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About Gulf Breeze Recovery

350 Pensacola Beach Blvd
Gulf Breeze, Florida 32561
United States

We all have in common a dedication to making a positive difference in peoples’ lives. Through all of our experience working with other recovery centers we acquired extensive knowledge in the field of addiction including one universal principle:Integrity must be at the core of any successful recovery program. The relationship you and your loved one have with your treatment center should always be straightforward and sincere. In order to be clear and in alignment with that belief, we have made and will enforce a Fifteen-Part Pledge:

  1. We shall always strive to be truthful in describing our holistic drug rehab program and our facility.
  2. We shall seek to help meet the needs of each caller in a friendly conversational manner free from sales pressure.
  3. The delivery of our individualized holistic drug rehab program shall always take priority over any and all matters.
  4. We shall take an industry leadership position in the number of therapy hours our guests receive at Gulf Breeze Recovery.
  5. We shall tailor our individualized holistic drug rehab program to fit each individual’s needs.
  6. We shall always endeavor to deliver a treatment environment and individualized program that offers the best chance for complete recovery.
  7. We shall hold ourselves accountable and are committed to a quality assurance program designed for continuous improvement.
  8. Our facility shall always be kept neat, clean and comfortable for the best recovery experience possible.
  9. We shall serve healthy enjoyable meals prepared by our in=house team of chefs.
  10. As a positive consequence for their hard work, we shall take our guests on weekend outings consisting of going to the beach, canoeing, fishing, movies, park, museums, etc.
  11. We shall deliver a safe and pleasant holistic drug rehab environment while taking care of our guests’ needs and providing support to their families.
  12. Our therapists shall be among the best in the recovery industry and shall receive continuous on-going training.
  13. We shall treat each guest with dignity and respect, providing clear and distinct boundaries.
  14. We shall conduct daily and weekly staff meetings to ensure proper communication concerning our guests’ recovery needs.
  15. We shall take an recovery industry leadership position in the treatment of addiction problems.
Recovery for everyone who enters our holistic drug rehab facility is the ultimate goal. Every decision our professionals make is predicated on that goal. The decision to take a leadership position concerning the operation and marketing of our treatment center is in alignment with the foundation of recovery, which is operating in a manner that is genuine, open, transparent and acting in the best interest of our guests and families.

Our commitment to recovery requires every member of staff and administration to “walk the walk.” This commitment inspires confidence with our guests and their families, administration, and staff. We may not be the best at developing a “slick” marketing campaign selling our holistic drug rehab facility, but we are the best at describing and delivering an individualized holistic drug rehab program that not only works but gives our guests the best opportunity to live a happy drug-free life. Developing our 15-Part Promise and delivering an effective workable program, our team of professionals knew they had found a better way.



Gulf Breeze Recovery

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Gulf Breeze Recovery

  • 350 Pensacola Beach Blvd
    Gulf Breeze, Florida 32561
    United States
  • 855-444-8148