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About The Jesse Herfel Real Estate Group

2500 S Power #121
Mesa, Arizona 85209

 Our clients experience is our first priority. Therefore when you sit down with The Jesse Herfel Group, you’re sitting down with a specialist. Honest and open communication is paramount. With over 17 years of consistent and award winning results, the advice we offer has been tested, and we are confident in successfully navigating the East Valley real estate market.

We do it so well we’ve sold over 1,000 homes in the past three years. Who better to help you buy/sell a home than The Jesse Herfel Group? With our high volume of homes sold each year we have an excellent view of the market that other agents don’t have.

You’ll be the first to know when a property comes to market. The largest sellers in the world utilize our services to sell their properties. This means you’re going to have the first option to purchase these properties before other consumers do. Therefore giving you the home, location, and price you want, when you want it.

Changes in the market are unpredictable for anyone, but since we’ve lived in the area our whole life, we have acquired a keen sense of predicting ability for real estate in the East Valley. We net our clients more money than the average agent in the East Valley. For example let’s say you sell your home with us, and your neighbor sells the exact same property, same price, with another agent.

 We’re going to get you a minimum of 4% more for your home. So on a $200,000 home that’s an additional $8,000 above what your neighbor received working with another agent.Your confidentiality is respected here. Client satisfaction is what drives our team to be number one in the market. We realize there are many options out there. Thank you for choosing us to be your trusted adviser.


  • The Jesse Herfel Group
  • We believe that selling your home should be easy and efficient. We have one of the most extensive marketing plans in the industry. Put our marketing machine to work for you.


The Jesse Herfel Real Estate Group

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The Jesse Herfel Real Estate Group

  • 2500 S Power #121
    Mesa, Arizona 85209
  • 480 889 1402