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About Greg Tuve

Atlanta, Georgia 30324
United States

Many reading experts say children under six are "not developmentally ready” to begin reading instruction. They advocate starting in first grade. These results show those experts are wrong: "Grown--only 29,997 to go."

Three years from now, when the matching student cohort finally reaches a third-grade reading level in our local public schools, Imhotep's best third graders will be reading on a 6th-grade level (at least).  As the principal said to me not too long ago, we need to totally change the way we teach reading in this country. That has always been my goal. Each year, about four million children enter our school system.  We can change what happens to all of them.  


  • Reading On Rails
  • One goal of the DeHavilland development process was to accelerate phonics instruction enough that it could be used to protect youngsters from teachers who were being forced to rely on bad curriculum. This meant I had to work with students who had not yet reached first grade.


Reading On Rails

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