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The Best Place to Buy Womens Steel Toe Footwear in Tri-County OH Area

Steel Toe Footwear for women now available at Red Wing Boots Store on Fields Ertel Rd in a wide range of styles

Cincinnati 7/21/2017 5:59:27 PM

Red Wing Shoes Store on Fields Ertel Rd in Cincinnati, OH has the best selection of women’s steel-toe footwear in the entire Tri-County area. Jerry and his team at Red Wing are well-trained to ensure comfort and safety for their customers.


Choosing appropriate footwear for any occupation, especially those involving safety, is easier with a company that has a proven track record of knowledge and reliability. Customers can feel confident that they will find the right shoe with the right fit at Red Wing Shoes Store on Fields Ertel Rd.


Construction sites, landscaping companies and other industrial settings are seeing an increase in female employment resulting in an increased demand for women’s safety shoes like steel-toe boots. And the variety of styles available means there is something for everyone.


The amount of protection women’s steel-toe boots provides makes them a great choice for safety from falling objects or punctures through the sole of the boot.


Red Wing Shoes Store on Fields Ertel Rd has safety shoes for women available in different materials including steel, aluminum and composite.


Women’s steel toe boots will provide the most protection out of any other options.


When trying different styles customers may notice a difference in the weight of the steel toe boots compared to other materials like composite. The heavier steel-toe will provide more protection because of the steel plates embedded in the toe and the sole of the boot.


Women can feel confident that their feet are protected without sacrificing comfort for safety. Jerry and his team at Red Wing on Fields Ertel Rd know all the right questions to ask to get their customers into the right pair of safety footwear for any occupation.


Red Wing Shoes Store on Fields Ertel Rd has continued to be a leader in sales of steel toe footwear for many years. And with a reputation for providing exceptional service, customers continue to trust Red Wing on Fields Ertel Rd for their safety shoe needs.


Be sure to like the Red Wing Shoes Store’s facebook page at and don’t forget to share.



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