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Ben Westhoff's New Book Reveals Tupac's Secret Work With The Bloods And The Crips

Tupac Shakur May Have Had A Bigger Impact On Violence Reduction Than Previously Realized
Released On: 14/10/2016
Views: 5152

Bob Dylan Wins The 2016 Noble Prize In Literature

Released On: 13/10/2016
Views: 5285

Rapper Shawty Lo Has Died In A Fatal Car Crash

Released On: 21/09/2016
Views: 4985

Tupac Shakur's Estate To Block Sale Of "Catchin' Feelings"

Released On: 13/09/2016
Views: 3568

Findit Artist of the week features the New York City based Indie-Pop band Stargroves is now featuring a weekly artist of the week.
Released On: 08/12/2014
Views: 5340

Gurufish: Featured Findit Artisit of the Week

Released On: 01/12/2014
Views: 4590

EDM World Selects to Increase and Improve their Social Media Presence

Released On: 11/08/2014
Views: 6884

After 12 Seasons, Randy Jackson Leaves American Idol

Released On: 10/05/2013
Views: 3465

David Bowie’s New Video “Next Day” Was Banned from YouTube In Error

Released On: 09/05/2013
Views: 3741

Michael Jackson Dancer Claims She Warned of Jackson’s Deteriorating Health

Released On: 09/05/2013
Views: 4991

Rihanna Has Mixed Fan Response: Booed in Boston, Boosted in Brooklyn

Released On: 09/05/2013
Views: 3216

Drugs May Have Had a Hand in the Death of Atlanta Rapper Chris Kelly of Kriss Kross

Released On: 03/05/2013
Views: 3448

One Direction Goes Old-School with New “Mystery Machine” Van

Released On: 02/05/2013
Views: 3722

Chuck D Upset over Jay-Z and Kanye West’s use of the “N-Word”

Released On: 01/05/2013
Views: 3460

Rock/Hip Hop Band, Almost Kings Playing at The Masquerade July 8, 2013

Released On: 20/04/2013
Views: 4153

Cigar Store Indians at Smith’s Olde Bar, Friday, April 27, 2013

Released On: 20/04/2013
Views: 4205

Tim Barry Rocking Atlanta at The Masquerade August 10, 2013

Released On: 20/04/2013
Views: 3635

The Everyone Orchestra Celebrates 4/20 at The Cutting Room in NYC with Steve Kimock

Released On: 29/03/2013
Views: 3326