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While the Hemp Industry is on the rise and more and more people are learning about CBD products that are derived from Hemp farmers throughout the world need to find real buyers that have been vetted so the farmer know they really are going to get paid for their harvest. At NorCal GCX we vet the farmers and provide the exchange where buyers need to prove they can in fact pay for the harvest that they say they want to buy.

Many farmers and sellers of products in the Hemp and CBD space often waste hours with people acting as if they are buyers and or sellers when often they are acting as brokers. With NorCal GCX we are eliminating the people acting as the buyer and the seller and connecting farmers and extraction facilities with real buyers that are producing the end products.

By doing this we believe we can reduce the costs across the industry while increasing profitability by eliminating the middle person.

Join the exchange today and start buying and selling.

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Meet NorCal GCX
14 Aug 2019


Norcal GCX

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