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Background of  OTC Holdings After working on “The Street” for over 2-decades with Lehman Brothers and Morgan Stanley. I took early retirement...then went heavy into the internet business for 10 years...all the while maintaining a presence in investments. And especially into the Venture Capital & raising of funds for MicroCap Stocks.Then it came to me no matter how great a company great their product...their doesn’t matter. Because there was no media platform which could get their storyout to the right “Accredited Investors” .Sure there are ”One-Trick Pony” newsletters and stock touters... you know those are like the “Town Crier” of yesteryear ...and we all know the value of those.The main thing is they take a company’s money...then they promise them “unicorns, windmills & rainbows”...The company gets one or two days of heavy volume...with NO FOLLOW-THROUGH... you know what this shows to the Big the Market the Broker Dealers. It gives the appearance the company is nothing more than making “cotton candy.” Seriously...I have been in Investments since 1981...


  • The Sky is the Limit with OTC Holdings
  • The Platform OTC Holdings has assembled is nothing like you have ever seen or used before. From its experience to its professionalism it is peerless in a competitive industry.