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On the first page of many search engines there's approximately 10 organic search results, plus sometimes they include pictures and videos. When there are millions of search results for search term you're looking to index for you need to make sure that you're doing your SEO properly, so that you can get on that 1st page in those top 10 to 17 results that include pictures and video. Are you doing that? If you aren't how much is it worth to you to show up on page one for services or products that you provide in the locations you provide them in? If you need assistance with this contact Peter Tosto at Findit we can show you how we do it and what the results are. We can also teach you how to do it or you can hire us to do it for you. It's really up to you now, on how important it is for you to index on that top page. Quit wishing it to happen doesn't happen by wishing it happens by doing. It will not happen if you don't do it and it won't happen if you don't know how to. There aren't any tricks it's hard work and having the right tools to make the hard work pay off.

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25 Sep 2020
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