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About 123 My Biz


Are you like us, looking for a way to escape Trappedsville and move to Freedom Lane but you're just not sure how? Making the move is a whole lot easier, when you've got someone who's willing to show you the way!

As your Program Guide, we're here to take you step by step on the road to Freedom. Whether you want a completely new way of earning a living or you simply need some additional income, let us show you how you can live life on Freedom Lane! If you're coachable, ambitious and you're willing to work hard, you might be just who we're looking for.

Contact us, and you'll get immediate access to our Mini-Office Outlets discovery movie where you'll learn:

  • The huge market potential that makes this worth investigating
  • The complete details about our 50+ year old supplier
  • Overview of our supplier's world class products
  • Why our supplier's CEO purchased the company after a 5 year search
  • How we find our loyal clients and customers
  • How we create sales volume without specializing in direct sales
  • The top 7 benefits operating a Mini-Office Outlet can offer
  • What a Mini-Office Outlet is and exactly what to do to get started


  • 123 My Biz
  • 123 My Biz is your escape from Trapsville, and your chance to regain control of your life. Spend more time with your family when you have more time to do what you love with a Mini-Office Outlet.

123 My Biz

  • Illinois