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About Lifeguard Master

ANAHIEM, California 92805
United States

How We Make Our Lifeguard Shirts:
I’ve been a lifeguard for seven years and I know the importance of having a quality lifeguard uniform that still looks great after I wash it over and over again. That’s why our lifeguard t-shirts are 100% pre-shrunk cotton. We put three coats of quality name brand ink (International Coating) on every shirt, and then we take them to an intense heating machine (Flash Dryer). This allows the ink to permanently set on the t-shirt. Even after many washings, your lifeguard lettering and cross will continue to glare and look crisp. We make all of our lifeguard t-shirts this way. The t-shirts and uniforms shown on the website are the t-shirts you will receive on your doorstep. I have purchased some of my competitors' shirts. The lifeguard lettering and design was faded and fuzzy the first day I got it (and it cost more than my shirts!). That’s why I’m committed to producing the best lifeguard t-shirts and uniforms that look great while saving more. EnjoySammy, Owner Delivery of Lifeguard Shirts and Equipment:
Place your order today and receive it three days later anywhere in the United States! This is the fastest standard delivery time in the industry, and the price of shipping is very low. This includes all lifeguard apparel and clothing, t-shirts, tank tops, shorts, whistles, hip packs, and sweatshirts. This also includes most of our small lifeguard equipment and supplies: diving bricks, CPR face and more.  Our larger equipment like our rescue tubes, and lifeguard backboards and spine boards take 5 business days to deliver. We have what you need to fill your pool, lake, or beach, and fill it fast. This is a place where you will find a great selection of lifeguard supplies Popular Lifeguard Clothing:
Our most popular items include the white and red lifeguard t-shirts and lifeguard tank tops, our original blue lifeguard t-shirts, lifeguard hoodies, caps, men’s swim shorts, and women’s board shorts. Most of our items can only be found here, as we design and make them ourselves. We are always looking for new ideas for lifeguard gear. This is the one store that truly has the widest lifeguard clothing selection found anywhere in the world. Whatever your lifeguard attire needs, we have it here. 
If 1 to 5 people do not belive in your dream, that's when you know you have a good one.If more than 5 people don't believe in your dream, that's when you know its really going to work.-Sammy, OwnerMay all your dreams and desires come true, just as mine did. If you have further questions, or if you cannot get an answer from our main number or our e-mail system, please call me on my direct cell phone line at: (845) 494-0969 - Sammy 


Lifeguard Master

  • 1237 E BANYAN AVE
    ANAHIEM, California 92805
    United States
  • 714-605-3090