Electric Vehicle Insulation Market Outlook 2030 Byt

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Electric Vehicle Insulation Market Outlook 2030 By Industry Players

With the rapid energy transition, the adoption of fully
electric vehicles is picking up pace worldwide. As a result, high-temperature
electric vehicle insulation materials are becoming imperative to protect
against electrical breakdown and minimize magnetic losses.

Over the years, strict regulatory standards have been
introduced for enhanced protection of EVs against electric shock and increased
longevity. A notable example is the introduction of proposed standards for
Recognition, Regulation, and Control of ATS (Automated Testing Stations) in
2022. Under these regulations, EVs must undergo insulation resistance
measurement and tests before being certified as fit. Initiatives such as these
will likely augment the demand for insulation monitoring devices for electric

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Another key reason behind the expansion of the electric
vehicle insulation market is the mass recall of EVs by Okinawa and other
prominent manufacturers due to fire issues involving their batteries. Electric
insulation strength is a major parameter associated with the safety and
reliability of power semiconductor modules. The growing risk of fire explosion
will therefore encourage more EV manufacturers to seek insulation solutions for
battery packs.

Chemical companies worldwide are extensively focusing on the
launch of innovative materials and addressing the performance, safety, and
range challenges to boost e-mobility adoption. 

SABIC’s Noryl NHP8000VT3 insulation resin for EV battery

The invention of breakthrough materials for electric
vehicle insulation films is considered crucial. To that end, chemical
manufacturing companies have been introducing thermoformable materials to help
EVs achieve the highest CTI (Comparative Tracking Index) performance and meet
stringent flame retardancy standards.


To cite an instance, in June 2022, SABIC introduced the
Noryl NHP8000VT3 resin, well-suited for insulation films used in EV battery
modules. This high-performance, PPO (polyphenylene ether)-based resin was
engineered with patented technologies to improve protection against fire
propagation and short circuits and address the high-voltage battery


3M India’s MuPhony acoustic insulation system for NVH level

Noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH) levels inside the car
cabin have become key parameters that determine the quality of passenger
comfort. Since motors and ancillary systems appear to be new noise sources in
electric and hybrid-electric vehicles, the need for acoustic insulation has
surged. Based on data from a Global Market Insights Inc. report, the electric
vehicle insulation industry value from the acoustic insulation segment will be
more than USD 350 million by 2030.


Alkegen’s AlkeGel material for EV battery fire protection
and thermal management Prominent specialty material platforms are making
inroads into the fiber-based aerogel composite material sector. These
initiatives were aimed at designing insulating solutions for critical
applications in EV and battery safety, industrial thermal management, and fire
protection segments.

For example, in April 2022, Alkegen launched AlkeGel, its
next-generation flexible aerogel material, for fire protection applications of
EVs and batteries. This latest proprietary technology was developed to offer
superior thermal performance, exceptionally low thermal conductivity and
dustiness, and a reduction in insulation thicknesses as compared to

Since fully electric vehicles continue to make a larger
share in the automobile industry, the need for manufacturing efficiency and
fire safety has increased. To provide superior insulation and protect against
electric shocks and other risks arising from batteries and other EV components,
a range of high-performance materials have been designed. With the burgeoning
cases of EV explosion, the electric vehicle insulation market will witness a
considerable growth trajectory over the years ahead.


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